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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 13, 2006 06:08 Flag

    Chelsea are scared of United.

    As a Chelsea fan, scared isn't quite the right word, but there is still probably some work to do to win the league. United have done very well to recover the lost ground, although it is really 12 points back to 7, rather than 18. In the last couple of months, Chelsea have been the third best team in the country, I think, and it has been the amazing consistency of the first twenty games which has kept us at the top. It's still hard to see us not winning the league but we need to recapture some of that form if we are to get the double.

    This weekend is very important for Chelsea. If we can beat Bolton, then I'm sure we'll beat Everton, and that will mean that not losing to United at Stamford Bridge will win us the league, whatever else United do. I don't believe we will lose to United at the Bridge. I think it will be a tight game as it was at Old Trafford, but we'll win it. Even if United won that one, Chelsea will still win the league with two or three wins from their other four matches.

    Fergie is winding up the mind games but I'm reminded of last season. He kept trying it on then too but every time he predicted Chelsea were just about to crack they kept winning and it was United who slipped up. Who thinks United will get maximum points from Tottenham, Middlesbrough and Chelsea? Not me.

    Overall, Chelsea management and team are experienced enough to not to get wound up at this point, and to just concentrate on each next match. I believe Chelsea will win the league comfortably. But in the extremely unlucky event that they don't, and United overhauling them, as well as Chelsea having thrown it away, even a Chelsea fan would have to say United deserved it.

    As for next year, I predict Chelsea first, United second again. Arsenal are much weaker than even last year and I can't see a new ground helping results in the first season. United are strong at the front, but weaker at the back and after Chelsea have splurged another couple of hundred million replacing Crespo and Makelele and Del Horno you won't be anywhere near catching us next year either.


    PS Be pleased for us, it's been an even longer wait than your league famine was.