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    Home Form

    United's away record is as good as if not better than Chelsea's. The points gap is down to 4 home matches. Draws against City, Everton and Sunderland and defeat against Blackburn. 3 of these were relatively early in the season and were local 'Lancashire' derbies.At the same period of time , the CL home matches against Lille and Villereal were drawn which effectively knocked us out.
    What are the lessons from this?
    Firstly, we can no longer be 'slow' starters, we must be mentally up for these games early in the season.
    Secondly, this relatively new team must learn how to cope with motivated blanket defences, it needs cool heads in front of goal.
    Thirdly, it needs to be able to 'close out' these sort of games, ie learn how to stop the opposition building attacks.
    Pretty obvious stuff; first and second point should come from experience and tactical knowhow. Third should be helped by purchase of topclass defensive midfielder.
    The frankly unfortunate thing about the EPL currently given the way Chelsea and Liverpool play, is that you have to match them in terms of negative tactics in order to beat their points tally. Also given the consistency of the top teams over the last few years you know by the end of September if you are still in the running for the championship. Personally I think this lack of surprises etc will eventually kill football as a spectacle but if we want to continue to be 'successful' we have to match this all pervading 'efficiency'.
    Comments from United supporters please.

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    • i think manchester united should always play how manchester united is known for,fast skillful attacking football,yet with a solid defence,i think we have most in place,we just need a couple of midfielders,although since giggs and o'shea have been partners its worked well,but we need 2 next season,on a very positive note i think we've found a gem in vidic

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      • I agree with you about Vidic.
        of course we would all like it if every game we could winby playing 'united style' football. But sometimes you need planB and planC. In these tight local derbies early in the season when everybody can run a million miles, you sometimes need either a 'battering ram' or real cool heads to unpick defences, and you certainly need the ability to stop the 'breakaway' suckerpunch.
        Patient control of the ball should come with maturity especially from Rooney and Saha can provide some of the athleticism we were lacking early this season ( as long as he can stay fit). Ronaldo is the one who really needs to grow up to provide consistent subtlety on the ball.
        A Diarra type player will help shore up the defensive/midfield side but I still think that leaves a creative 'hole' currently filled by Giggs and Scholes ( if he returns). Don't think we can rely on them for season at their ages, so who?