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  • Overrated, still learning, too flash, inspired, selfish, a future great? What do you think? Just compare him to Rooney and the progress and he has made and I find it difficult to continue to hope that he will fulfil his potential. The game he had against Sunderland was absolutely shocking, for example, and although he has had his moments, it's been a long time since I've really seen him take matches over, like Roon as done often this season, which someone over his quality should be doing. Or is it just the difficult second season?

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    • I think he's got bags of skill but isn't consistent. That'll come. He certainly has the potential to be one of the world's most exciting players.

    • Ronaldo is a great young player, but he has yet to learn when to hold or release or which area he should be putting the ball. RVN frustrations at Ronaldo`s tricks, step overs and buffooning were all to evident this season.
      I think and hope that the more he plays with quality strikers (I wont mention midfielders because we have none), Ronaldo will develop these skills. As far as ability goes, he has the lot.
      But United have had their share of young 2 season wonder players, but I sincerely hope he blossoms in the next 2 years. Hopefully he wont fall out with SAS!
      When he starts to win matches on his own, like RVN, Giggs, Keano, Rooney, then we can say he is a world class player.

    • were u actually watching the sunderland match rooney played just as bad as ronaldo the whole team played crap that night rooney and ronaldo r only 20 and 21 and still got alot 2 learn

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      • I have written before that he drives me mad and I bet some of his teammates as well. At 21 he should be learning by now.
        However I think he is played in the wrong position. Because he is pretty fast etc Fergie puts him on the wing. Fergie admitted the other night that it was a toss up where Giggs would play when he started, but because its difficult to find wingers ( his words) he played him on the wing. Probably the right decision with Ryan. But not I believe with Christiano. He wants to be involved and often drifts inside which looses the teams shape. I think his overall team play would improve if he was allowed to run at defences from a more central position. He very much reminds me of a young Rivaldo, the great Brazilian/Barca forward. if he is going to meet his potential its going to be as a free roaming inside forward.
        The great thing about playing Saha with Rooney and Ronaldo is that all 3 of them can interchange at will. They should be encouraged to do so as much as possible, this would mean playing with a midfield of 3 ; Scholes/Giggs plus hopefully our 2 new signings.

    • I'm not a typical Ronaldo basher, I just get enraged when he does his twatting step-overs while being in a perfect position to deliver a killer cross. I love it when he runs at defenders towards goal and when in the box he knows where the goal is. I just wish he'd lift his chin from his chest more often and cross the feckin ball.

    • The difficult second season? This isn't his 2nd season at OT, he's been there at least 3 years

    • This is from a liverpool supporter,
      I think the guys got loadsa talent and enjoy watching him,
      Hes still young remember

    • I wonder sometimes if he would be better played through the middle instead of on the wing. He tends to drift inside most of the time anyway so maybe he should get a change there, although we would need a solid holding player in the centre with him.

    • I listened to radio commentary on the boro match on monday night and when ronaldo came on the commentators were over the moon about the difference he made to the united side.Instead of berating the lad at every opportunity get behind him and give him encouragement.Yes he will sometimes do silly things but if he produces half a dozen moments of magic in a game that may be what wins it and im sure he will produce a lot more.

    • He is a young, cocky confident guy and over time will mature and will reach his potential. Could be the sophmore slump but he will rebound next year.

    • i think next season will be a goodie for him - i think he will shine through for us and bag quite a few goals.

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