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  • fred j fred j May 11, 2006 18:45 Flag

    Why does SAF fight with his players?

    When most players who have served thier clubs well leave, they get nice friendly goodbyes. But it appears SAF has a reputation for fighting with his.
    They don't leave happily after years of good service. They end up being 'kicked' out. Why? It appears Ferguson is the problem. Even if there are issues btw players, part of his job is to sort it out amicably

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    • u have one fearce, jock. and some primadonas, it is bound 2 happen, as for saf, keeping every thing under covers, and yip yap, spilling all in his book, u ever read saf,s book ?

    • Mate, think you're the only one to say anything about Cantona managing United. Nobody else has.

      Genius can take on many forms. Just because Cantona may not have been able to produce the same level of performance with Milan, Barca or Juve that he did for us, makes him no less of a genius. That would be like comparing an artist with a mathematician. Separate clubs and different philosophies. Michelangleo and Einstein for example.

    • i agree. eric was the enigmatic breath of fresh air that changed the club from potential winners to true winners. His effect on our club cannot be emphasised. He was the passion and flare to keano's heart and soul. i am lucky i was allowed to take part in the transformation of our club from in the stands. I still dont think he had genius on the rooney, maradona, pele level. And yes i do think rooney has had such an impact he will be remembered at the sam level. I think Eric found home of his heart and spirit. I don't think he would have had the same impact at say AC milan, Juventus or Real. He was made for our our club and we were waiting for him to arrive. But, i am not gonna get carried away and say he can walk in and manage the club.

    • Because he is the archetypical control freak. Also a perfectionist driven by insecurities. Very common traits in a born leader rather than a consensual manager.
      Will give those he views as exceptional ( Giggs, Scholes, Cantona, Keane) extreme loyalty. Those as he regards as just 'very good' ( Beckham, Stam, RVS,Ince) will be expendable in his grand scheme.
      He expects to be able to 'change the world' to his view, hardly ever will he change his view to line up with a consensus.

    • Absolutely spot on Ian. We never lacked talent but he came in and set massive standards that our younger players chose to adopt and success followed. I don't care what you want to call him, to me he is the best player to ever wear a united shirt in the last 40 years.

    • SAF is a true born winner.. He has delivered everything to us. He is in the process of rebuilding another legacy. Will he do it ? course he will.. Do we agree with him and his methods?? not all the time.. Do we support him, yes unequivocably. some players think they are bigger than the club and think they are more crucial to the team than they are. One thing they don't realise is that there is always someone else. Except for genius, in the likes of Rooney, Messi, Maradona, which only come along once or twice every 10 years. And don't start about henry, ronaldhino, etc etc.True Genius bursts onto the world scene in their teenage years, like Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Rooney, Messi. Not in the middle of their 20's a la henry, etoo, shevchenko, ronaldhino.

    • your asking why they were kicked out or in Ruuds case "being kicked out" - no one can say what goes on behind the scenes its all speculation - alot more could have gone on which no one knows about - as for the players you have mantioned above - i think we have moved on pretty well from their departure.

    • and part of his job is to pick the team.His house rules are no one upsets team spirit.He never says anything about players publicly,he protects them so when someone like stam for instance writes a book critisizing everyone at the club,he should go,however good he is.Ruud thought he was untouchable in the first 11,and when he was complete shit against liverpool,and before,fergie dropped him.Now he's dropped giggs,neville,fletcher,ronaldo,silvestre,etc,and their reaction was to fight for their places?Ruud didnt,he went round sulking,and if reports are true insulting many players,you cant have that

    • remember ince, keane, Beckham, RVN etc

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      • And Stam, and Yorke, and Kanchelskis.

        It seems to me that Fergie has a favourite type of player. This is one who
        Plays well
        Works hard
        Sits on the bench when needed
        Concentrates on football and not nightclubs
        Minimises external sponsorship deals and fashion shoots
        Gets on with his team mates
        Doesn't publicly criticise the manager or players
        Doesn't think he's bigger than the club
        Treats the manager like he's the boss

        Players who fit this bill are Ole, Scholes, Giggs, Fortune, Forlan, Bruce, Pallister, Schmeichel, Nevilles, Butt etc etc. There are plenty of players who have left and will leave on good terms.