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  • Mick Mick Jul 4, 2006 05:21 Flag

    Sad day for Manchester United

    I think it's been a really sad day for Manchester United.
    I hadn't realized how many biggotted, thick headed, hypocritical twats there were on this board!
    You cannot even see when it's explained in simple sentences. You know you are wrong and yet you still spout crap.
    You all know if the situation were reversed Rooney would be a Hero and poor Ronaldo still the villain.
    I hope the sensible outweigh the morons next season as I fear Ronaldo will leave and Manchester United will be the worse for it.

    And again the ugly head of only Mancunians have any say as fans was raised. Well I have a say. I live in the States but that does not detract from my love of Manchester United.

    Why don't the twats on this board just piss off with danny and co and start their own board.

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    • You really don't get it do you?
      Ronaldo was trying to get his club team-mate sent off.
      If it was reversed I'd be screaming for the head of Rooney!
      What he did is unforgiveable. Would you screw a work colleague's wife, get found out and then expect him to be friends still?

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      • i was very angry on saturday,less angry today.Rooney definatel didnt deserve a red card,i've seen the replay about 8 times,he was being kicked,had his shirt pulled about 3 yards in front of the referee,who done absolutely nothing,no free kick,nowt.Then you see rooney trying to keep his balance,his foot goes onto carvalho's groin,then off almost immediatly.Ronaldo was about 40 yards away,he thought rooney had stamped on him so he protested,which in fact should have got him a yellow card himself.Then there was confusion,obviously rooney heard ronaldo say something,and pushed him away?He gets a red card.Carvalho ,who was writhering in ,supposed pain was soon running about

    • here here mate. I am a true Manc, born and bred in cheetham hill. I agree with what you say. They have buried the hatchet. Fuck England. We wouldn't be discussing this if Sven had played 2 up front because we would have beaten the Portugese. Rooney was frustrated and played against 4 class defenders who battered him the whole game. Tpeople are just trying to shift the blame from Sven, Lampard, Beckham and all the other over rated twats. Rooney and Ronaldo will help us re-establish our domination of the EPL. I hope he scores a hatrick against the french. One point, if Terry had pushed Ronaldo like that he would have went down like a bag of shit, rolling around and clutchind his face. He didn't because it was a teammate. end of

    • why worry so much if ronaldo did ever get sold?not the be all and end all of man utd the money would do great to get a more consitant player.who said ronaldo will get any better? he keeps saying he wants to be the best player in the world 1 day but so do,s robben,fabregas,and rooney and many other players.he will have to improve a whole lot if he wants to get anywhere near that.am not biggotted,thickheaded,hypocritical just a man u fan with a say

    • whats wrong with mancunians?