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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 9, 2006 06:18 Flag

    this is gettin scary boys

    i'm a big united fan, the passion, the glory, the team! but we need some action in the transfer market. liverpool, chelsea, arsenal and tottenham all making big name signings, were not, this scares me. left, ritgh and centre everyone is making big name signings, why aren't we? i have alot a faith in fergy but we should of made some signings by now and it is starting to scare me. i'm very sorry to say it but i dont see us making any progreess in the prem next season unless we sign a winger a right back and a defensive mid (granted i would like to see dave jones given a chance (north end fan)). and the fact is i dont see the glazers forking out for the players we desperatly need. opinions on this matter greatly appreciated.

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