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  • blanksblock blanksblock Jul 9, 2006 07:48 Flag

    this is gettin scary boys

    Just relax. This is Manchester United here, not some mid-table club. We're in the Champion's League, 2nd richest club in the world and we still have a very good team that could win the championship even without any additions. Keep in mind that if we hadn't been drawing games because of our negative tactics early in the season (as much as it pains me to say this, in order to fit Keano into the team) we could easily have been neck & neck with Chelski.

    We're rebuilding, there's no need to jump into the market just to say we've bought someone. The prospects look good if you ask me. The best central midfield boss available (Stephen Appiah) has just been linked with the club, at a reasonable price. If Ronaldo goes to Real, he won't be cheap, so we'll have more money to spend. I think Cicinho plus 10-15 mil. pounds would be a great deal. Fergie said he expects Ruud back (say what you want that's a guaranteed 20 EPL goals every season). Rooney, Saha, Smithy, maybe even a few goals from "The Baby-Faced Assassin & last but not least, the emergence of one Giuseppe Rossi, puts us in good stead in attack. The defence is solid and we've got adequate backup in every position (Pique's class will emerge this year). Van der Sar and Ben Foster in goal.

    All we need is one or 2 for the midfield and we'll be OK if you ask me. Right now I think Fergie's worrying about keeping our current players together and bringing through some yongsters. For all the Ronaldo worriers, think about it, he's still just potential. He's not truly proved himself as a consistent threat, he still holds on to the ball too much and he doesn't have the personality to play a co-starring role, and take it from me Wayne Rooney is "the" star.

    Patience is a virtue.