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  • CHRIS L CHRIS L Jul 9, 2006 09:42 Flag

    Ronaldo intends to leave Man Utd

    Hes a one trick cheating pony. Sell him to Real and buy a decent winger who can feed RVN / Rooney.
    Stitch up merchant!

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    • like i,ve said from day 1 and told every 1 on here i new ronaldo was going.u listening usamick???? never do,s hiself any favours ronaldo, he new all the eyes of the world would be on him last nite, with all the diving he,s been doing and he still carrys on diving!which ever country he go,s he,s gonna get stick now but england will destroy him staying there and it just reflects bad on man utd.we need all are concentration on catching chelski not distractions ronaldo will cause now