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    FIFA could strip Zidane of Award



    Good! Cannavaro deserved it more!

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    • terrorist is the same in english,french,italian,spanish,even russian

    • Still missing the point - whatever was said there is no justification for an assault - in front of 1 bilion viewers anyway. Do a Rooney and thump them in the tunnel!

    • Just saw Zidane's interview. After his shirt is pulled, he told the Italian if he likes his shirt, he can have the shirt after the game..

      Is he trying to joke around? Because in such intense game, what Zidane said can easily taken as sex insult to Italian.

    • There could be a fair amount of BS involved, though consider this. Would anyone in the right mind get kicked out of the biggest and last game of their life for something like "Fuck Off Zizou"?
      Again, it doesn't make it right, but explains it.
      In a funner note, follow this link:


    • something has just occured to me while reading that article.

      i had previously assumed that the exchange must have taken place in english. i forgot that zidane spent several years in italy, and so is almost certainly fluent in italian.

      the article confirms it when they talk of using a lip reader and an italian translator to work out what was said.

      so then, i find mazeratti's statement that he doesnt know what "terrorist" means extremely strange. i had assumed that he meant he doesnt know what the english word terrorist translated to in italian. but if the insult was made in italian, we can only assume he claims not to know what the italian word for terrorist actually means.

      either he has the language abilities of a 6 year old, or he is lying.

    • You're right, I could have sworn it was that article.


      This is the one I was referring to.

    • there is nothing about a lip reader in that story.

    • There are several reasons why we forgave him in France: for everything he has done for the French team, it didn't have such a big impact on the rest of the game, the feeling one of those cheaters finally got what he deserved, for still keeping it "clean" with that power it would have been a massacre if he had aimed for the face and finally the fact that you support your players; Zidane has been our hero for 8 years and we went to the final thanks to him.

      To the people who say he should know better I feel like it's a very easy/ignorant claim to make comfortably seating at home with a drink. You have to put it in context: Pressure: World cup final and his final game ever - Exhaustion: Over time in the last game not being that fit anymore Frustration: unlike Portuguese, Italians master the art of diving and kept breaking the flow of the game from the second half and waiting for PK, you can back up that claim with the fact that they were still waiting while playing with one extra player. Also maybe being insulted at other times of the game
      And finally personal context: Zidane's mother is supposedly very ill and if Materazzi insulted her on top of racism it's a serious hit even if not intentional.

      Also if he had waited for the end of the game, how many of you would have accused him of being a bad player (as in not accepting defeat)?
      Putting this all together it's easier to understand why he lost his cool and why people forgive him in France. I guess many of you don’t realize you don’t think the same when you are exhausted. Sometimes people cross over the line and enough is enough. He is only human after all.

      Pressure, Exhaustion, Frustration... a lot to handle for a hot blooded guy when he hears a hurtful(personal) and racist insult at the 120th minute of a world cup final game no?

    • http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/world_cup_2006/5169342.stm

      Please read the bottom of the article for the BBC lip reader's assessments.

      Seems like Materazzi didn't say anything about United after all LOl.

    • I understand Materazzi said: "Hey Zidaine, United sucks!!!" and that brought on this response from Zizou LOL.
      There, would that justify violence?
      Just kidding.

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