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  • Conor Conor Jul 12, 2006 22:16 Flag

    FIFA could strip Zidane of Award

    Agree, it's gotta go to someone who actually deserves the award.
    If FIFA can strip Ronaldo of the Young Player Award because unsporting behaviour, then why shouldn't they be able to strip Zidane of the award?

    All this does is send out the wrong message to millions of kids who watched the incident.

    On a lighter, and stranger note, the French have ade a song of the incident;


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    • i just dont get it with you people, y the hell are you bogged down to only villifying zidane? ever heard of the 'cause and effect'theory? what zidane did, the effect, is definately to be condemnted, but what about the cause? FIFA wants to strip the golden ball from him and most of you here agrees, your reason being 'a principle being set', then stop being so narrow minded and blindsided! if you want an example to be made out of zizou then you should also make an example out of Materazzi, because he made racist comments (more apparent given his reluctance to say publicy what he said), and you should be ashamed and so should FIFA that after all the crap about 'say no to racism' and 'my game fair play'. How is it fair dat you condemn zizou and let Materazzi go unpunished? if anyone is to make assault charges it has to be zizou!

      all of you, wake up, dont be so blind.