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    FIFA could strip Zidane of Award



    Good! Cannavaro deserved it more!

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    • Good, I hope they do. I was shocked when he still got it. It should be Cannavaros.

    • sorry but they have no right to take that award away. it was voted on before he got sent off. he won the vote. should they have taken it off ronaldo in 98 because he was absolutely awful in his last game?

      from the guardian yesterday:

      "Perhaps the greatest riddle of all is that in destroying his legacy as a sporting hero, he might have immortalised himself as the man who stood up to bigots, real or imagined, no matter the price."

      the italians are always at it, dirty cheating racist wankers. it was sad to see zidane end his career like that, but it doesnt change my opinion of him in anyway. he is a legend.

      even that sublime headbutt, thuggish though it was, was delivered with all the elegance, balance and power that the great man always showed on the pitch.

    • Blatter always has too much to say for himself. Pity he's not more concerned with the corruption within his organisation!!

    • Very much agreed. Zidane can say what he likes about provocation, but it's part of the game. France dived to win the quarter, semi and to get a penalty in the final. That's provocation. Cannavaro deserves the award.

    • Quite right too to strip the thug of the award.
      Eric was probably man of the match before his "venture into the crowd" all those years ago but he was villified and punished.

      You cannot leave the award with someone who so plainly flouted the rules and committed what amounts to assault on a football pitch before the eyes of the world.

      The Lee Bowyer,Kieron Dyer "Fight" ended up with court action recently so Zidane should be charged as well.
      There is no justification for such action whatever was said to him by Matterazzi.

    • I really don't think it will any difference to Zidane whatsoever! He's retired now and is willing to move on. Cannavaro does deserve some recognization for his hard work.

      BTW: Nice to see you back Chris!

    • Agree, it's gotta go to someone who actually deserves the award.
      If FIFA can strip Ronaldo of the Young Player Award because unsporting behaviour, then why shouldn't they be able to strip Zidane of the award?

      All this does is send out the wrong message to millions of kids who watched the incident.

      On a lighter, and stranger note, the French have ade a song of the incident;


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      • i just dont get it with you people, y the hell are you bogged down to only villifying zidane? ever heard of the 'cause and effect'theory? what zidane did, the effect, is definately to be condemnted, but what about the cause? FIFA wants to strip the golden ball from him and most of you here agrees, your reason being 'a principle being set', then stop being so narrow minded and blindsided! if you want an example to be made out of zizou then you should also make an example out of Materazzi, because he made racist comments (more apparent given his reluctance to say publicy what he said), and you should be ashamed and so should FIFA that after all the crap about 'say no to racism' and 'my game fair play'. How is it fair dat you condemn zizou and let Materazzi go unpunished? if anyone is to make assault charges it has to be zizou!

        all of you, wake up, dont be so blind.

    • roonaldo_united wrote: "I couldnt care less eddddie if he won it before the final, the goldenball should be based on all games up to and including the world cup final. How is that right that the award is only specific to the 6 games prior to the final?! That makes absolutely no sense."

      i agree it should be based on all games, but unfortunatly it isnt. FIFA should take the vote the day after the final, but they dont. and having made the vote, you cant change your mind because of something that happens afterwards.

      its no different to ronaldo winning it in 98. if the vote had been taken AFTER the final, zidane would have won it that year and not ronaldo. but you cant take the award away from ronaldo after its been voted on just because he had a shocker in the last game.

    • I will wait to reserve my judgement until I know what was being said to him. There are things that are over the line and while he still should know better he is only human.
      I think Zidaine got a lot of sentimental votes as well, this being his last tournament and with him guiding the French to the final, and he was impressive again from the second half on as he took control of the game.
      I would give him my vote for sentimental reasons as well, as this moment of stupidity shouldn't overshadow his overall brilliance.

    • i have one thing to ask everyone here...how come we didnt go wild and become outraged when figo headbutted during the battle of nuremburg? he only got a yellow card. If fifa is so much into fair play and setting examples by stripping zizou of his award, then y didnt fifa override the yellow card and investigate figo's action to set AN EXAMPLE OF THAT!

      the fact that the final was watched by a billion pple worldwide with many kids involved doesnt mean we have to treat incidents from it any differently from that of a quarterfinal. that is unfair and disgusting.

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