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  • SHSon SHSon Jul 31, 2006 14:53 Flag

    what do Non Lpool, Chs, English think about who should Eng Cpt should be?

    I(Liverpool fans) all know Gerrard is the man for the job,
    but lot of chelsea fans are getting behind Terry,
    it seems it is between these 2 great players BUT
    I erge non liverpool/chelsea/english fans of football to comment on who should captain the engalnd national side for the good of the game. Please no abuse or idiotic comments ( or real stupid answers like Wayne ROoney for captain~ :p )
    I would really like to hear what other people
    of world football think. so share us your views

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    • terry,he commands respect and has a better grip on management(ie bollocking others)

    • I always believe the Captain should be the best player in our team. It should send out a statement to the opposition saying if you want to beat us you have to have a player that is going to stop him. The only man I can think of is Wayne Rooney. The fact that his heart is 110% in it, you see him bollocking Beckham, the captain, every england game. His passion and commitment is there for all to see. Ok I know I will get a few responses saying Rooney's temper etc, but I think giving this extra responsibility will guide and channel his agression in the right direction! A kind of sink or swim if you like, we all know Rooney he will be doing Butterfly before you know it!

      Look at the other candidates; Gerrard, very poor world cup, come to think of it I can count on one hand the number of good games he has had for England. Lampard, How many shots? How many goals? nuff said! Terry, Good solid defender who gets forward, but he had quite a few mistakes, in fact he looked very shakey most of the time, Rio was 10 times better than he was in the world cup. Neville, another good candidate, good organiser, solid defender etc. Just seems to be injured when on England duty.

      So for me the only answer is Wayne Rooney! Give him a chance, as Sven said 'He is the golden boy of english football'

    • has to be gerrard. he is a better player than terry and he is more experienced than terry.

      someone earlier posted it should be terry because he is guaranteed to be in the starting line up - well sorry but terry should be 3rd choice defender behind brown. he was made to look a clown at the world cup.

      with neville, terry and brown you have 3 players that have been training together for 5 years or so. add ashley cole and you have the best defence in the world.

    • i'm a Man U fan and not even English so, in my unbiased opinion, Gerrard should captain the side. he's a brilliant all round player, whereas Beckham was a one-trick pony during the World Cup (spot kicks) and didn't play well enough to deserve the arm band. ps: Terry's a good defender but everyone knows G Nev's the man :P

    • id like to see Gerrard as captain

    • I'd say Gerrard, captain of Liverpool and he could turn a game. I don't think Neville should be considered. He's too old now, probably only got a couple of years left at the top level.

    • It has to be Gerrard - just look at how driven he is at LPL (much as it galls me to say)- the way he hauled them back from the brink of humiliation in Istanbul and at Cardiff says it all.

    • At the risk of being really controversial, what about Rio?

      Gary is nearly at the end of his international career, therefore we would need another captain in a few years.

      Neither Gerrard or Terry have carried their excellent club form on to the national stage.

      Rio is the one current player whose performances on the world stage have consistently been up to standard. Like Beckham he'd lead by example and i think he would grow into the role.

      He's had to cope with immense pressure having been dubbed the new Bobby Moore, being the most expensive defender in the world, the drama with the drugs test, the contract saga... Through all of it his performaces on the pitch have spoken for themself!

    • I'd certianly go with Gerrard as top choice but Terry is clearly capable of doing a good job, so it wouldn't be bad if he got it. Unfortuntely though I think the system we are going to play is more important. I am increasingly convinced with the current crop of players that unless we can find a system that works with both Lampard and Gerrard in the side then Lampard has to be dropped. Its no point being greedy and having them both play if it damages the side.

    • I'd have to say Gerrard. I've always believed that the captain should be a midfielder.

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