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  • Ravi Ravi Jul 31, 2006 15:36 Flag


    Once again we've shown how inept we are in the transfer market. Is he really over 3 times better than Damien Duff ?

    Man Utd recent transfer dealings - DISGRACEFUL

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    • I was shocked at the price but it is good to see you buying decent English talent again.

      Personally i thought you would have gone for Hargreaves.

    • Hi, spurs fan here,

      Just wanted to set a few things straight

      Yes you have payed over the odds for Carrick (£14m-£18m)
      Yes he is not World Class


      He is still young at yet to reach his potential. I think SAF could bring out the tiger in him and really make him into a great player. To be perfectly honest, and I'm not bitter here coz we've lost him, but he has a lot to improve in his game.

      1) Tackling - he ducks out of tackles and is never a really 'hard' challenger, but you could argue that type of midfielder is becoming passe now that the game is hindered on the fouls/cards/diving/cheating etc

      2) Doesn't head the ball

      3) Too negative, plays backwards instead of forwards

      4) Set pieces are often woeful and overhit!

      5) Doesn't shoot enough (2 goals last season)

      Now of course its easy to be critical, its what us English do best, but obviously he has strengths too, the ability to find a pass, he makes so much time on the ball, two great feet, and you saw it towards end of last season, when he got forward he looked exciting.

      I hope he matures as a player and adds to his qualities by working on his weaknesses, then he just may be worth every penny you spend on him.

      Whatever I think, Man U desperately needed to fill that void, and that desperation caused SAF to dig deeper in his pockets, and that with Spurs reluctance to let one of their key players go, the inevitable result was a high price.

      I'm looking forward to playing you guys this season, we always seem to have good, competitive but well natured games. A lot of respect between the two clubs and I admire that

    • If u don't like it FUCK OFF to FC United with all the other turncoat scumbags. Whinging tosser.

    • CARRICK is the best in his position now we need this player so we have to pay ,I think that if we had paid spurs 70$ it would be good for us ,people see obi mikel he's shit ,and then u judge

    • Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone's got one and most are full of shit!

    • I've never seen Obi Mikel play in the premier league or internationally. What are you basing your judgement on?

    • I guess fans are never happy.

      If we failed to pay 18m to get him, we say Galzer's interest payment screwed us up.

      Now we showed willingness to spend big in transfer market, we say it's overpriced and we should get something cheap that Chelsea just got rid of.

      This signing is very important because of the following,

      1. he is relatively young
      2. he is playing central mid-field and we are lacking creativity. How many chances we created vs Milan two years ago? Even with Ruud, we are powerless vs top defensive teams.
      3. we showed top clubs MU still can pay big bucks to get players we want.
      4. it will lift some confidence of the team
      5. he is playing for England so I am sure many fans here would be happy to see that.

      So please cheer up and be a little positive.

    • cant imagine why you compare someone on the way up to someone going in the opposite direction... duff is a sometimes effective winger with a dodgy hamstring carrick is an underated defnesive midfielder with a vast array of attacking passing potential ,long ball ,short, over the top ,crosses , 50yard upfield passes we are in need of someone to sweep up and start our attack off with incisive passing and competent hard tackles in front of the back four like keano used to do lets at least give him a season to see what he can do and allow him to settle and remember he wants to prove he should be in the england team by right and im sure he will do us well

    • Well said! If I were in Carrick's shoes, I would only want to move from a club which is pushing the EPL top 4 and improving, to a club in that top 4 which is capable of winning everything. I also wouldn't want to be a bench warmer and be able to communicate in English. So I would choose United, case closed.

    • I agree that football is about opinions and in the long run you might well be right. However, business is also about making decisions and I think that SAF is well aware that he needed to bolster his midfield and that he couldn't piss about much longer otherwise he might miss the boat. If we can do good business for Senna and maybe a world class striker I think all in all it will be a good summer.

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