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    Preston North End 2 manUre 1


    Ha ha ha ha....Preston North End 2 manUre 1 COMEDY AT ITS BEST

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    • hahah michael owen striker at st james park who also wont score more than 12 goals this season lmao. hahaha another stadium full of geordie shite watching geordie shite.... hahaha another shit geordie team doing shit all in the premier league again.hahaha another geordie season with an empty trophy cabinet, unless of course they put rooneys trophys on display they probably nicked them so they have something to show and as they cant read it wont matter whos name is on them ...now fuck off and leave us to talk about a football team u arsehole lmfao

    • Funny, but i seem to recall in 1996 when Newcastle were top of the league, the number of Newcastle shirts appearing on glory hunters went thru the roof... Only for them to disappear again when United breezed past them and won the title. The fact is, any team that is succesful increases its support across the country to some degree, with the glory hunting hangers on jumping on the band wagon, in our case adding to the genuine non- Manchester based supporters who follow the club having been drawn to it's magic, from the days of Best, Law & Charlton.
      If Watford won the PL, you'd see an increase in Watford shirted wannabes popping up. Its that simple.
      The fact United have support all over the country is a measure of their success at home and in Europe over the years, and in a lot of cases a general affection with a club that plays good football.
      Newcastle win nothing, throw away titles, and bottle it in FA Cup finals... Hence why people from out of Newcastle are not attracted to supporting them... and when you do see someone down south with a Newcastle shirt on it says "SHEARER" on the back. Sad.

    • what a waste of spunk you really are

    • I never realised preseason was that important, i alway's thought it was about getting your fitness levels back.

      How many teams have won the league in July then?