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    Top Goalscorers this season???

    Clearly there are the obv choices like Henry and prob shev but now Van and shearer are gone whos gonna make the big impact this season?

    Personally i think saha could prove his worth if he maintains the form he had at the end of last season but wot bout the likes of Ashton for west ham? summit tells me he could make top 10 at least. I mean who predicted Bent to do so well last season? theres always the odd unexpected star, thats the great thing bout the EPL, ne other ideas?

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    • glad im not the only one who thinks hes got a big season ahead of him, def one to keep an eye on.

    • I hate to admit it but I think Bellamy will do really well. Scored 17 I think last season and he was injured for a good part of it.

    • Wayne Rooney all the way!! And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. Although it looked like a match made in heaven the fact is the Ruud-Rooney combination never really sparked to life. Rooney is a player who will take up fantastic positions in and around the box and needs a strike partner who isn't desperate for goals all the time. What made Ruud so good is just this trait. If there was half a chance he would shoot and luckily more often than not would score. But this, at the same time, made him a not so good strike partner. He just doesn't like passing to a fellow striker to score. Saha on the other hand is very different. Hes the ideal "knock the ball down for the other guy" type player. Its no coincedence that Rooney sparked back to life when he was partnered by Saha. And Louis too got most of his goals when playing alongside Wazza. With these two linked in tandem from the off I can see Wayne Rooney getting 30+ goals this coming season.