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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Aug 4, 2006 20:24 Flag

    Top Goalscorers this season???

    I'm gonna go with:

    1st Rooney
    2nd Henry
    3rd Bent
    4th Shevchenko (though I have my doubts about him considering hes coming from the uberslow Serie A into the ultrafast EPL)
    5th ????????????

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    • For rooney to b top goalscorer this season i think firstly it depends very much on if we sign nemore strikers and secondly if he can maintain a consistent strike partnership that isnt gonna b changed week in week out. Its more dependant on who he plays with rather than his own ability. Its very much down to SAF as to whether rooney gets the goals that we all know he can score.

      Can players like harewood prove thier worth again? Can Johnson come back and prove his England credentials? I look at the english strikers we hav in the premiership at the moment and its prob the best group we'v had in years.....rooney, owen, bent, defoe, harewood, ashton, johnson, crouch, beattie

      if there was a top goalscorer table of the english players whos gonna b makin their mark behind rooney this season?