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  • paul paul Aug 6, 2006 20:03 Flag

    Ever wonder about our injury record?

    It cant be all bad luck that season after season we have the worst injury list of all the big clubs by some distance. id like to hear what all your thoughts are on this because it must be somrthing the club is doing (or not doing) to cause it. i wonder if its got to do with training technique or levels, also SAF has mostly gone for smaller players than the likes of liverpool,chelsea,arsenal ect.....

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    • it is extremally worrying when the club does get so many injuries, i dont think its anything more than any other club gets but it just seems to happen to our key players. I also think alot of our injuries could be self inflicted, because of the whole aura around the club players always want to give 110% and then a bit more but unfortunatly the body can only take so much before things start to give in

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      • I don`t think its the training - that certainly wasn`t the reason why Giggs (fractured cheekbone) and Scholes (blurred vision) were out during the season.

        There are also other factors - most of Saha`s injuries have happened whilst he`s been away playing for France. Indeed the increased number of games, both domestic and international, players have to play may well be one of the reason why so many of them pick up injuries not only at utd but at other teams as well. And I do wonder about their footwear and foot injuries.

      • could it be the fact that over the last 4-5 years our strenghth in depth hasn't been as good as it was previosly and therefore any key players who do get injured are missed massively. i dont think it could be anything wrong at the club because its monitered so much by doctors physios, other coaches and scientists now that if they was doing something wrong it would have been picked up. Also nowadays coaching meathods and training is shared much more between coaches that most teams would be doing somthing very similer

      • maybe your right but other clubs have plyers just as loyal as ours(hate to say it but like liverpool+newcastle) and im convinced that we'd have nearly as many injurys as them put together and like mr harris earlier, its natural to want to dafend our club but the problem is real

    • i know what you're saying devon but what im talking about is happening every year(this year isnt as bad as the last 4-5) plus id wager that a high percentage of players who get injured on int duty in the prem are utd players and that could be be connected to training levels or something i havent thought of.................

    • Just thinking the same thing. Are we turning into another Newcastle? WTF is going on?