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  • vlad vlad Aug 9, 2006 21:59 Flag

    Man U look awesome-not really

    ok let's compare MU with CFC shall we?
    GK- Petr Cech (better than VDS)
    Defence: Ferreira, Terry, Carvalho Gallas (better than MU,we conceded fewer goals than you in the last 2 seasons)
    Midfield: Where do I start,lol: J.Cole,Lamps,Ballack,Robben,Makka (nuff said)
    Strikers: Drogba,Sheva,Kalou (you might have Rooney who is great but,Saha I'm not so sure about him.

    It's pretty clear who has a better team/squad.

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    • You have a better midfield than us, thats about it, and the reason you concede fewer goals is that you play crappy, unattractive, defensive football. At least we play good, exciting, attacking football and do well.

      Forgot to mention we do this without having to spend 600 million pounds. If United spent 600 mil we would have won all 3 cups and the league for the past 2 seasons running. If you really think about it, after spending 600 mil they still haven't had a treble, how sad...

    • and the really great thing about chelsea is all their home grown talent!!!!!!! whoops sorry terry and terry and oooo terry and of course there is ummmmm ???? o yeah terry well lets look at utd um foster neville giggs scholes oshea fletcher richardson jones bardsley martin mcshane brown, lets see chelsea bought twenty four players in the last four years !how many strikers in the last three crespo mutu hasselbaink gudjohnson drogba sheva kezman kalou,have any reached 14 in a season in the league>>>><<<

    • Why would I care about how a chelsea supporter percieves United? Go back to your own page CUNT!

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      • I agree with u rinaldhounited.
        I know that chelsea's a good side, they've won back-to-back titles, bla bla bla... but the fact is, they've bought success through a russian cunt who doesn't even care about the club. And when you say that man utd have spent a lot of cash too over the last couple of years and have big spending power, well, guess what?? They worked for it!!!! Not like the money just came through a door in 1 second!!!
        Btw Manchester united are building a team for the future while chelsea buy 30 year olds ballack and shevchenko, major stars who will perform well for just 2 or 3 years.

    • I was just pointing out that we have a better team than you,thats all.Why don't you take a chill pill mate you are way to serious.

    • The original thread says "it is pretty clear who has a better team/squad" This is not true as although Cheatski have a bigger squad due to their owners wealth,our best eleven is certainly as good and has only been thwarted in the past two seasons due to injuries.

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      • I agree - I think we have the strongest first 11 in the EPL
        GK- I's pick VDS over Cech for his stature and distribution.
        Defence: Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic and Heinze are a better back four - Terry might squeeze Vidic out but other than that I'd stick with this 4.
        Midfield: Ronaldo, Carrick, Scholes, Giggs - probably missing a really effective stopper but pretty class all the same.
        Strikers: Rooney (say no more) Saha - not done much wrong to date....
        plus we have the added plus of having a squad of backup players who don't possess egos the size of Maureen, and who are happy to play their part when the time comes.

    • martin are you jealous that manu are no longer top dog in the transfer market. Talking about chelsea's spending while you's spend £££££££'s on players every season. I love hearing you's whine about money cause it shows how thick most of yous are

      Wenger has spent less than a 1/4 of what fergie has and has still been succesful so give over. Maybe if fergie stopped wasting millions on dud players your team would be in better shape.

    • I have done this comparison with that Aidan tool over his beloved UAE_Arse and made him look stupid, the case in question here is not so clear cut.

      Chech is for me, marginally better than VDS but not by much.
      I would take our first XI defence over yours. For virtually all of last season (or at least a significant majority) we were without the best left back in the game, Gabby.
      With him back, Rion is better than Terry and Wes Brown I would take over Gallas. Nev I would choose over Ferriera.

      Yes you conceded less goals last year but like I said, we didn't have our full strength back line for most of the season.

      I would choose Ronaldo over Joe Cole but not by much, and Scholes over Lampard, Giggs over Robben. Makka you win, we don't (Yet) have that position covered. Bollock hasn't played EPL football yet so the jury is out on him.

      Strikers, I would select Rooney over Sheva or Drogba and the fact that Saha and Rooney play so well together means that they need to be judged as a pair and not individually which they have been proven to be.
      Sheva and or any of the others you list have yet to deliver.

      In conclusion, I do not think the situation is as clear as you make out.

      You have bought older players who have not yet proven themselves in the EPL so they have a lot to deliver to give anything like value for money (but then that has not recently been a criteria for Chelski).

      What I can categorically state without fear of contradiction is that we play the more entertaining style of football and I would choose to watch us once over ten Chelski games.

      We shall see come July 07.

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      • I agree, Man U had a balance of home developed talent when they won the treble and still follow the policy of developing and promoting young talent, e.g. Rossi, and not fire shooting by buying and creating a team of experienced pros brought in from elsewhere. Although the policy has worked well over the lsat year i am not too convinced that a team ethos can be continued with such a high turnover of players - talent, even proven doesn't necessarily make a team and winners - Real Madrid, Brazil in W.C.2006.

        For team spirit, Rooney and Ronaldo have made up, which everyone said they wouldn't and Rooney wants to extend his contract, compared to Drogba and Crespo's attitude - Man U win - for entertainment Man U again win - it is not clear cut and team spirit, in my view may just negate Chelsea's slight edge in terms of proven talent.

        i cannot see Chelsea winning the European Cup for the team spirit reason alone - i don't think Mourinho can recreate that which he had at Porto- whereas United can win it again soon - they will do so before Chelsea do.

    • well what do you expect when you have some stupid russian give a load of money. Could have done the same with fulham or charlton or any team. Look at when united did the treble. Nearly all the first team were english and didnt need all those names from abroad, chelski, buy loads of world class players, can't even be that successful abroad. Let me guess, he only started supporting chelski two years ago and supported united before and arsenal and if hes old enough liverpool aswell.

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      • Errr yes however you guys have to face the fact you used to be the richest club in the country and did exactly what we are doing now.

        You offered so much money for Ferdinand and Rooney all the other clubs were priced out of the market. Not to mention the £28M for Veron either. OK not the treble season but certainly recent times.

        So it was OK when you did it but evil evil Chelsea when our luck changes right?

        Oh and OK we haven't won the champions league yet but we are consistently in the final eight, our time will come. Frankly I'd be more impressed with a treble of Premiership titles myself.

    • and of course shelsea dont fill the ground at all midweek games even in europe and more so if it rains and if there are train and flight delays lol

    • At least we can fill the Millenium Stadium !

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