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    Best / Worst Midfield?


    Ronaldo - Carrick - Scholes - Giggs


    Rosicky - Gilberto - Fabregas - Hleb/Ljungberg


    Lampard - Makelele - Ballack - Robben


    Pennant - Gerrard - Alonso/Sissoko - Gonzales/Kewell

    Best - Chelsea/Liverpool very close
    Worst - Man U by a mile (you have to be honest)

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    • well in that case ballack and sheva are not worth their money either they are both past it too????? by your reckoning

    • well if we are being honest !!!! the way you lot struggled tonight to beat the israel part timers id say your midfield is the worst!!!!!

    • didnt know premiership had an upper age limit that says a player can no longer perform in premiership above 30.

    • I know that but in your prime for this league is 25 - 30. WHo cares if he gets kicked around he deserves it.

    • will senna a brazilian(reject) turned spanish player improve the unied midfield much??

      i think he will as you cant get any bloody worse than fletcher and oshea. liam miller has really turned out to be another of saf great finds lol

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      • well your probably right maybe we should buy a jailbird and woman beater to sort out the midfield!

        Gerrard - World class.
        Alonso - can be class on his good day.
        kewell - BEST AUS in the world cup.
        sissoko - ermm this is from a liverpool fan seriously hes shit stop playing him. he got a yellow card like every game!
        Pennant - prob best player at birimingham not that,thats saying alot.
        gonzales - we will seee, pretty unknown..


        Lampard- class on his day
        makelele- good at his job, nothing 2 special
        ballack- honest who is this guy? hes shit
        robben- have to say this guy is class.


        Rosicky- Hmm never seen him sorry
        Gilberto- Bit old now still good
        Fabregas- Simpley world class
        Hleb-class - world class in my eyes

        MAN U

        Ronaldo- To many shots not enough passing or goals.
        Carrick- Sweet passes nothing more.
        scholes- to old still good though
        Giggs- to old but still good

        Hmmm so noooow for whos the best..... i would say liverpool,but i think if Rosicky does what hes ment to do for arsenal they could put up a pretty good fight.

    • will senna a brazilian(reject) turned spanish player improve the unied midfield much??

      i think he will as you cant get any bloody worse than fletcher and oshea. liam miller has really turned out to be another of saf great finds lol

    • Get out of it!!!

      Rosicky - is gonna be huge
      Hleb - great dribbler and passer
      fabregas- WORLD CLASS AND SOON TO BE #1
      Gilberto -ronaldinho named him in his all time team enuf said

      Lampard - great club player who gets lots of goals
      Makelele - best in the business at his job
      Ballack - very talented player who will score goals
      Robben - A class act.

      Pennant - potential if stops boozing
      Gerrard - Class act
      Alonso - Class act
      sissoko - great at breaking up attacks
      Gonzales - Can't say yet.

      Ronaldo - huge potential but no end product
      Carrick - Average player good passer weak in the tackle
      Scholes - over the hill
      Giggs - very nearly over the hill

      Ive been very honest unlike some on here

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      • Fair enough. Like I said thats your opinion. I'm bound to be a bit biased but then again so are you. You take a below average rejst player like Pennant and say he has potential. And yet you take Scholes, one of the best players ever to have plyed his trade in the premiership and all you say about him is "Over the hill"? Point proven. Everyone has their own ways of being "honest". Fact is that if they alll play well then ANY of those midfields can outplay the other. Last year we took on a midfield of Robben, Makelele, Lampard, Essien and Cole with Ronaldo, Fletcher, Scholes and Giggs and won. On paper Chelski have the best midfield but theres no way you can say out of the top 4 teams we have the worst.

    • Sorry but Liverpools midfield looks dodgy to me, Gerrard is class, but you have and Arsenal reject, a crocked Aussie, Sissoko was good last season, Alonso very on off!
      Chelsea have some over hype players who it is yet to be seen can even play in the same team so that one is still questionable. United well, 18 mill' HAHAHAHA sorry I can't stop doing that, Carrick is OK but over rated, Scholes Old and won't play all games same for Giggs. So I would say Arsenal, if Reyes goes you can add Ribery to our list as well + Walcott

    • Ronaldo Senna Carrick Park

      Kick anyones ass!

    • Get out of it!!!

      Rosicky - One game wonder
      Hleb - Crap
      Ljungberg - Past it
      Gilberto - Average at best

      Lampard - Any more performances like in the WC and we will all finally see how over-rated he is.
      Makelele - Too old. He will start to show his age this year.
      Ballack - A Prima donna who will no doubt fall out with atleast 3 of his team mates. Good player though.
      Robben - A class act.

      Pennant - An Arse reject and so not the answer to your winger problem
      Gerrard - Class act
      Alonso - Class act
      Kewell - Shit and you know it.
      Gonzales - Can't say yet.

      Ronaldo - One of the stars of the WC and gonna get better
      Carrick - A class act
      Scholes - Not as good as he was but will always score goals and ping passes.
      Giggs - Getting on now but 2nd to only Robben as far as left sided midfielders in the EPL are concerend (and I'd take him over Kewell anyday.........and so would you being honest).

      I would say with everyone fit, we have the 2nd best midfield in the EPL.

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