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    Honest ManU fans praise Chelsea.

    In the 90's ManU spent untold sums of money to promote success...NOW IT'S CHELSEA!
    In the 90's ManU secured the services of the greatest players...NOW IT'S CHELSEA!
    In the 90's ManU was the face of english football abroad...NOW IT'S CHELSEA!

    Surely fair-minded ManU fans will show respect for Chelsea's accomplishments...the rest will have to deal with the justified ridicule from me and my cohorts!

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    • So many responses...and a 5 star rating!!!

      Clearly this subject has brought out the best in most ManU fans: they're showing that they have the greatest respect for Chelsea's accomplishments.

      Sure, some have disagreed. So what? They seem to be the ones who know the least about football. Coincidence? No!

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      • the trouble being you and your arsehole mates never went to the bridge when they needed support your just another born again chelsea fan who really support west ham but you wouldnt say fuckall ...you know fuck all about football because if you did you would admit chelsea winning has nothing to do with generated funds from supporters and all about a russian man who cost his country of birth hundreds of millions of pounds in taxes and ultimately thousands of lives by sleeping with the russian mafia and then running to england in the vain hope of becoming respectable ....wake up and smell the roses you lose 150 million ayear and if not for abramovich you would go bust and soon he will become bored and then your fucked

      • everyone knows chelsea is lying cheating scum and will never match to the great manchester united. When amboromobitch pulls outa chelsea, i will be there along with the whole of england to mock their self deluded selves and remind them they r a shit club and always will be

      • I know enough about other things...like all Chelski players are being paid by a Mafia boss who has stolen all his wealth from the starving masses in the Soviet Union.

        The only reason he is not rotting in a Siberian jail with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is because of CFC...
        But hey, who cares as long as he pays for a couple of titles at Chelski before he buys the next Russian presidency.
        But what does he do with his smokescreen, I mean club, then?
        Maybe you'll worry a bit then, as ChelSEA FC struggles to stay in exhistence...or maybe you'll just sit back and recall the glory years:
        both of them.

      • Christ Almighty, The Fat Fickle Fuckwit is off again.

        Can it you S.T.I.F.! The 5 Star rating was for the post from a United fan and not for your original post, you moron.

        Who did you support before July 2003? I'm guessing you are probably a Cockney Red who jumped ship, or someone who wanted to like football because it became a cool thing to like in the 90's but didn't want to be seen as a Cockney Red and was relieved to find an alternative. Either way that makes you a fashion victim and a sad one at that.

        You are typical of Chelsea "fans" - you can't even fill that prefab you call a ground unless it is a big game; United will sell 76000 seats week in, week out, for all games in all competitions.

        However long Roman sticks around, you will always be 50 years behind us in terms of achievement, pride and tradition. United is a club that is loved worldwide, and no club in this country, possibly anywhere, will ever match that.

        Now please crawl back under your rock, or go and share your uninformed rantings with the other S.T.I.F.fs on the Chelski page.

    • I need to make a suggestion here folks.

      Let's stop wasting our evening even rising to the bait. We all know the Russian Mafia boss is going to get bored in a few years, and that the S.T.I.F,fs* are going to go the way of the Scum, and on that fateful day we true fans of a TRULY GREAT CLUB, with a LONG HISTORY, a PROUD TRADITION and an UNRIVALLED SPORTING LEGACY can justifiably piss ourselves as those fat, fickle fuckwits chase around London looking for another club to support, and a clinic that does laser tattoo removal so they can replace CFC with QPR, or stick an A between the C and F. None of us knew a Chelsea fan before Ambramovich arrived, and once he goes we still won't.

      Let's move on to higher things instead, like the price of the pies at OT, and that fact that we have sold over 64000 Season Tickets, significantly more than the capacity at either Pooh Bridge or the Secondrates Stadium!!

      *S.T.I.F.fs - Small Team in Fulham

    • Congratulations on your recent success.

      However, you cannot compare Legacy to a good run. Granted, your run is not over yet, but when you have the sustained success that Man Utd has had domestically and abroad.

      Meanwhile, Chelsea was just trying to get their foot into the European Door. Then Daddy Roman gives you guys some quick herion and you believe that you cannot be stopped. Everyone comes down from a high sooner or later. I just hope when Chelski comes down from taht high, you go splat on the pavement because you think you are Superman!

    • I praise Chelski for the arrogant bastards they are!

      I praise Chelski for having a squad full of mercenaries!

      I praise Chelski for having a super big-headed, show-off, attention-seeking cheat for a coach!

      I praise Chelski for their high number of simulations per game!

      I praise Chelski for thinking they are above the law!

      I prasie Chelski for getting to where they are only because they've been bankrolled by a stinkin' rich Russian whom i believe is also a Mafia chief!

    • Poooooooeeeeiiiii!!!!!!!!! Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • in the 90`s UNITED SPENT THEIR OWN MONEY chelsea dont have their own money they have a rich russian pimp. in th 90`s UNITED ATTRACTED SIGNINGS AND MADE THEM GREAT ...ps ole 1.5 mill the great dane 550.000 kancheskis 650.00 eric the great 1 million steve bruce about 500.000 mark hughes was a youth product giggs a youth product we then produce other youth products beckham scholes butt neville neville teddy cost little and yes we bought a couple of players ..who were class but not world class cole and yorke were part of a side built from within .... chelsea have spent about 350 million and bought twenty four or five players in four years ......in the 90`s UNITED DIDNT.....just remember chelsea just spent 30 plus 30 wages on sheva 30 wages on bollocks about 17 plus probably 20 in wages on kalou obe mikel cost you 16 plus maybe 12 to 15 wages cole (maybe) 20 plus 20 wages thats another near 200 million or just about 80 million on transfers now if you base expenditure against profit you lose about 150 million a year so dont talk bollocks were self funded we actually generate profits annualy we are THE global brand your just hoping with the traitor that is kenyon aboard you will be big !!!! you wont

    • Bottom line to compare MU and Chelsea,

      If both clubs are for sale today, there will be tons of bidder for MU and no one dare to touch Chelsea.

      That tells all.

    • In the 90's Man U spent money without making losses ... NOT CHELSEA!
      In the 90's Man U's best players were homegrown...NOT CHELSEA!
      In the 90's Man U won two European titles...NOT CHELSEA!
      In the 90's Man U were the face of British footbal, and still are ... NOT CHELSEA!

      ...then how come you are still not one of the top seeds for the champions league?

      Surely sensible Chelsea fans should not forget who they really are and give respect to the biggest club in England

    • A small but important correction to your mindless drivel:

      In the 90's ManU spent untold sums of money to promote success...NOW IT'S (NOT CHELSEA AS THEY DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY) ROMAN ABRAMOVICH !


      Surely fair-minded ManU fans will show respect for ROMAN ABRAMOVICH’S accomplishments...

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      • Is it me or am i the only one in here who thinks THIS IS A MAN FORUM NOT A CHELSEA ONE, and wat drivel for some so called united fan to say well done chelsea. wat team do u bloody support. Chelsea are lying cheating scum bags, if they earnd their money and played fairly then yeah i would say well done, but not bein some stupid brown nose to say ooo wat man united were chelsea are now, cus the simple fact is they arent. They have just been given money and only won two league cups, thats hardly n e thing to united in the 90s

    • Manchester utd earnt their success and money with brilliant tactics and smart spending, when the built the empire they then used it accordingly...Chelski DID NOT earn their success or money!!!!!!!
      It was given to them by a bored billionaire, If you gave me unlimited funds for wages and fees i'd win the premiership title, probably the CL too!

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