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    RVN scored 21 Premiership goals last season. This was the difference between finishing runners up and 7th in the league.

    If any United supporter doesnt think we need a replacement they need to pull their head out of the sand.

    Saha/Smith/Rossi & Solskaeer are all good players but none of them will get 20+ goals this season.

    SAF needs to spend the 30 Million kitty to replace one of our greatest goalscorers. Torres stands out the most.

    Fact is, you dont score goals, you not going to win games!

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    • Whether you were a fan of keeping RVN, or happy that hes gone is all pointless discussion. Fans taking chunks out of each other over this is just wasted posts.
      The real point in question is do we need to replace a 150 goal machine or not? Is Saha a 150 goal man in 5 seasons? I dont think so. He might just get 150 games in 5 seasons if injury jinx continues.
      Ian says give Rossi a chance. Fine if he does produce, whats if he doesnt? Considering SAF was keen on loaning him out, maybe he isnt ready. Thats a clue to SAF thoughts isnt it?
      Even if RVN contribution was lessening and hes at the end of his career, maybe a well thought out replacement plan should be in place? Seems all a bit last minute to me.

      We need the quality in depth to contend Chelski. I can remember back when Scholes and Keane were out for 3/4 of the season and we had Veron and Neville in midfield. Most of you Veron haters forget those two won us the title that year and bossed the mighty Arse in an OT 2-0 win!

      So yes to the original post......we need a replacement. A fucking good one too.

    • did chelsea have a RVN last season .....no they had lampard.. now we have scholes so don't start saying we need a replacment ..oh and rossi can get more than 25 goals a season also he maks goals for other players ...not like someone who used to play for us....
      PS: adranio will be great however we should get hargrevs before any1 else....

    • I can't believe no one has any faith in Saha.

      I tell you what, take away Saha's goals and what would we have won last season, nothing.

      He took us to the Cup final, he scored important goals, such as the one against Bolton, which was one of our goals of the season.

      Ruud was without a doubt the best striker we have seen at United since Dennis Law. But times change, United have changed. We no longer play the same kind of game we used to. Our play is no longer determined on the success of wingers getting crosses into the box. We play more centrally, bring the ball up from the back, and play through the centre.

      Ruud couldn't adjust to that style of play, he wasn't as effective and was easily taken out of the game.

      We now have 4 quick, skillfull, strong strikers who are not afraid to run at defenders. We also have a young lad who could join us in January who scored 17 league goals for Antwerp last season, and was brilliant in the pre season games. Dong, isn't just a play thing for sellng shirts in the Far East, if he was he'd be on loan at a club better known than Antwerp.

      How many of those who are predicting our downfall now without Ruud, were saying the same thing in 1997 when Cantona left, or in 1995 when Hughes, Ince and Kanchelskis left. We bounced back and became even better.

      Some people need to grow up and start supporting the team, for a change lets be optimistic, after all, we have improved since last season, and we can catch Chelsea.

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      • Ok ok he did help u win the league cup but i m afraid tat hes injury prone.....n jus asking can he do well in europe like Rvn

      • Well said. Its about time we concentrated on the positives. Utd have one of the best and most experienced goalkeepers in the EPL with 2 tremendous young talents waiting in the wings. Utds defence was one of the best in the EPL last season, its full of quality players and there are some exceptional young defenders coming through from the youth team. Players have been added to the midfield - Carrick and Jones - and there is still the possibility of at least one more midfielder joining. Plus a number of exciting young midfield players such as Martin and Gibson have gone out on loan. Ronaldo is staying and during the world cup he showed that he is one of the best young players in the world. Rossi is to be given his chance and utd have other exciting young strikers like Campbell and Dong waiting for their chance. And finally Rooney wants to extend his contract.

        So lets stop moaning about the loss of RVN and how utd haven`t brought x, y and z and start looking forward to the new season.

      • A fit proven goalgetter is what Wayne needs to partner him. I rate Saha very highly, but will he stay fit? Will Smith or Ole?
        We cant wait till January for Dong, we need to take this title from August onwards...

    • tevez is a good friend of heinze,and he was seen not long ago in brazil wearing a united shirt and has said he would love to play with gabby at club level

    • Actually i think that saf should buy another striker someone who can pass or shoot like torres adriano is ok but tevez is a little solo type hes pass isnt good but he can dribble wells wat i really want 2 see is torres partnering rooney in frt.

    • We need another big-name finisher in our forward line. Either Tevez,Torres, or Kuyt. Ferguson has to see the need to buy a striker otherwise we will have a very hard time beating chelsea for the title.

    • RvN was a great player and helped Man Utd win many games.

      However, I believe Utd relied too heavily on Ruud scoring and didn't have enough other players getting goals consistently through the season.

      Back in the days of Hughes, Cantona, Ince, Keane, Kanchelskis, we had players all over the pitch scoring 8 goals+ in a season and didn't rely on a striker to score the goals (ignoring the year when Cantona saved Utd in many 1-0 games!).

      I think for Utd to be world class again we need to find players who will bring the midfield into play in the final third. Ruud was great at his peak but I think other players got too used to him scoring and them just being the assist.

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      • I think we are all too pre-occupied with Ruud's departure. OK say goodbye to him and his goals but he is gone. How did he score 20+ goals per season? Did he pick the ball up from the defenders and run through the opposition? With the Fulham exception, NO! He scored because we have a great team! This team provided the ammunition for him and he finished. Saha is a great finisher, he is quicker than Ruud, he is better in the air than Ruud and given an injury free run in the team, as SAF did at the end of last season,and the service our players always give our strikers, he will score a hatful of goals this year. HAVE FAITH. We need a defence splitting ball playing player with the vision to make that killer pass! Oh we have Carrick! Have you seen Rossi? he is the next Scholesey. vision, skill ,pace, drive, ability. Wots the problem? Never doubt the boss! One or two more purchases, blow the whistle light the BLUE touch paper and stand back.

    • Well I would just prefer to see any spare cash we have spent on the midfield - I'm not saying I wouldn't welcome a new striker, but I think it's a position we do have decent cover - both Giggs and Ronaldo can play up front, so we do have options.

    • U dont need just one goalscorer to have a successful season. When Man. United were winning thing their goals were distributed and they did not really on just one hitman. Rooney, Scholes, Giggs etc. will all need to contribute goals if utd. are actually going to do something this year.

    • Yeah Ok I will agree to that. Im not unreasonable.

      I hope Saha proves me wrong and we still talking about European form? Somehow yet again I think we going to be relying on Rooney

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