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  • Whether you were a fan of keeping RVN, or happy that hes gone is all pointless discussion. Fans taking chunks out of each other over this is just wasted posts.
    The real point in question is do we need to replace a 150 goal machine or not? Is Saha a 150 goal man in 5 seasons? I dont think so. He might just get 150 games in 5 seasons if injury jinx continues.
    Ian says give Rossi a chance. Fine if he does produce, whats if he doesnt? Considering SAF was keen on loaning him out, maybe he isnt ready. Thats a clue to SAF thoughts isnt it?
    Even if RVN contribution was lessening and hes at the end of his career, maybe a well thought out replacement plan should be in place? Seems all a bit last minute to me.

    We need the quality in depth to contend Chelski. I can remember back when Scholes and Keane were out for 3/4 of the season and we had Veron and Neville in midfield. Most of you Veron haters forget those two won us the title that year and bossed the mighty Arse in an OT 2-0 win!

    So yes to the original post......we need a replacement. A fucking good one too.