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  • rrichards rrichards Aug 14, 2006 13:59 Flag

    Man Utd's - the best message boards

    I love popping in to look at The Man U boards -

    It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to go to a local pond and throw some fish food in - the fish would go crackers!! jumping allover the place really getting stirred up an scrabbling to get the little bits of the food(I think it was ants eggs.

    It used to cheer me up because I knew the fish were stillalive and I'd given them some scoff.

    Man Utd message boardsgets give me the same feeling and it looks like others too --because Utd's board by far the most hits and messages posted.

    You lot want to cool down -
    Utd are a great club - no doubt about it

    But its only a game -- think about it -- why feel sorry for someone getting 125 grand a week???

    these boards are about banter and other exchanges- don't let it get to you -- especially mupps like glazer must die.

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    • Lets not forget mr Richards, you wre the one who insinuated that I was a nonce. You really need to watch what u say. some may take it as a joke, but myself, I have witnessed what happens to families when children are sexualy assauted, my cousin, who was born only a few years after myself, was sexually assaulted by her stepdad. This led to severe mental health problems and she killed herself at the age of 26.

      So you can see why I took your post yesterday the way I did. I don't mind people having a joke, but you have to be careful what u joke about.

      Plus, had you read most of my posts, you would have reaised that most of the time, I do put a point forward, and back it up with an argument. Then go on to read other opinions, even if I don't agree with them.

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      • Glad to see there seems to be some intelligent agreement out there. These pages are for exchanges between supporters of a sport-- I'm not going to threaten, froth or foam at anyone - even face to face I'm not going to offer violence to someone over a game.

        It is not an Auntie Deidre Column either.

        My Gary Glitter post was one big wind up and piss take and I took a guess who might bite.

        I did not insinuate anything I wrote "my guess is.." and Mr Glazer must die jumped at it..

        Lighten up

    • Just a disagreement that's all. It does happen and it's a bloody impossible job to have everyone agreeing with you.

    • Excellent post - i agree entirely.

      One point i would make to those who post messages is that abuse and villifaction undermines the views you are trying to get across- your message will simply be put into a category of bigotted unreasonable fans and although you may have some interesting views these will simply be ignored. The majority will not regard you as a fan or having any understanding of football or United.

      If you are posting a message, give your views and back it up with reasoning - do not resort to abuse or vilification - you will not be listened to or regarded as having anything to say that matters or needs to be noted.

    • sorry ,chelsea board has most hits/messages.