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    McClaren and England


    I think I need to air my views prior to tonight’s England fixture. This is going to seem the same old slagging the England manager off statement but I am must point out I am actually totally confused.

    McClaren drops Beckham now whether this was because he thought he was too old or whether this was a power move to try and show the I am the boss manoeuvre. I suppose we won’t know.

    For me though when I heard the news of Beckham being dropped I thought “yes this is it lets move forward and start playing attractive football, lets get SWP or Lennon on the wing and start breaking teams down with pace on the flanks.”

    No first chance for McClaren to pick a youthful exciting team after the abysmal displays in the world cup and what does he do. Let’s put Gerrard on the right.

    Well I may be the only one that thinks this but McClaren if he really wanted to make a statement it should have been Lennon on the right Gerrard in the middle and Lampard on the bench. Dropping Beckham does not mean anything especially now we are still putting our players out of position.

    So yes great we may win 3-0 tonight but does anyone really care when all we can see is the same old long ball crap.

    I do hope I am wrong.

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    • Although I am sure Mclaren is "his own man" and has his own solutions to England's problems, its early days yet. Just dropping Beckham doesn't necessarily mean he is any different from Sven.
      An interesting article by a journalist from a great footballing nation, Canada (!) sums it up for me.


    • Yep you were totally wrong. Lets leave these decisions to people like McClaren, who actually knows something about the game!

    • game over, england without Rooney, Owen and becks 4 and greenland 0, but Greece can also loose against San Marino with the way they defended and played, the only positive i can see is at least Lampard made a goal after his missed chances in Germany, and Crouch and Hargreaves are the most fit players around. the truth is that they played good and fast football and ofcourse they took their chances well, but i still did not see the class of the national team without rooney, owen and becham, the players has just finished from the world cup where most of the england players were a part of while Greece has not been playing in the world cup, so one cannot comment anything on this game whether it is right to take off becham from the squad and to include some new faces in the team, let us not forget that before the world cup tournament England with becks, owen, rooney and co have won the prestigious friendly in Swiss against Argentina, with Argentina best players, so do not get overexcited with a friendly in Old Trafford a team which is much lower rated in the name of Greece, what would one say is you have to see how germany demolished Sweden with 3 goals, and holland thrashing Ireland with the same big score. let us stand on our feet first, ok good luck England lets get on with it.

    • The point of putting Gerrard on the right is that he played there 25 times for Liverpool last season. Alan hansen believes this is Gerrards best position.

      this then frees up a midfield spot for a holding player (such as Hargreaves) allowing lampard to do what he does for Chelsea

      In essence, Mac is trying to play players in their club positions. The quote from him yesterday was "round pegs in round holes"

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      • Fair point Jonathan, but I would have liked to see Mclaren take a stance and let players know "if you dont play well, you dont get in the team".

        My only worry is that, by not taking this stance, players will slip into that same comfort zone they were in under Sven, and know they will be in the team regardless of how crap they play. Make a statement and drop out of form players regardless of form Stevie!!

        PS. There is no excuse for Downing. Forget Lampard, he was the worst England player at the World Cup!!! That is clearly down to his Middlesborough connections

    • i agree with many of your sentiments, but i think you should wait and see the game before putting the boot in.

      gerrard on the right could mean a diamond formation something like:

      lampard gerrard

      which might work well. gerrard would still be able to stay near the middle with neville and a.cole probably the best crossers in the squad giving the width.

      i dunno. its a shame lennon isnt getting a full game, but maybe mclaren feels he isnt quite ready yet. and the sign of a great coach isnt always always about getting it right from the start, its about changing things when its not going right - something eriksson seemed unable to do. lets just watch the game and see what happens.

    • Completely agree !
      The outstanding memory from Ericksons reign was that he continually played people out of position.

      Owen Hargreaves was the prime example of this. He looked like a little boy lost in the various positions he was played in and what happened when he actually got to play in his rightful position ?? He was the England player of the WC !!

      Perhaps the best example of this farcical tactic was porr Andy Johnson. EPL's top english scorer when he got his call-up, used to playing lone striker role, where did the bald pervert play him ??? Right Midfield.

      He must have been devastated !

      Lampard does not justify even being in the squad at the moment as he is just as out of form as Beckham.

      By all means make your power statements but at least soddin well mean them !

      If Downing is World Class I will be in the next starting XI !!

      Laughable, the only surprise is that he hasn't dropped John Terry and persuaded Gareth Southgate to come out of retirement if he is that desperate to retain his Middlesbro connections.

      FFS you dullard, play people in positions they know !!!!
      Learn from the mistakes of your previous Boss you boring dickwad.

    • I was listening to Micky Quinn on Talksport this morning on the way to the hospital, and he made a very good point.

      Basically this is McLarens first match as England manager and realy it is a must win game for him. So before he goes out and experiments with the team, I think he wants to get this game out of the way, with a win, then the serious stuff can start.

    • personally i think it boils down to Beckhams age... with so many younger players coming through he is preparing for the future and i think his squad selection proves that.
      Other than that i agree with the team selection - putting Gerrard on the right is not a long term solution.

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      • ok he is the new boss, but you cannot drop a good player like David Becham from the squad like that, he will assist the new players with his experience and just leave him on the bench if you hate the guy so much. please remember that the england training camp is not the same without Becks, and like Del Piero in Italy and Juventus David should be treated the same. he is one of those players who love his country, let alone his image and celebrity, but whatever the boss idea was for just drop him from the squad, i disagree with the way the good players are handled in England. With this reaction the England players know how are they treated in the future. McClaren stated that I will take off the fear from the players, the first thing he did he just dropped one of the best England players out of the squad, i would like to see a performance from england now that they can beat a team who has not even qualified for the finals of the world cup!!!!. then we can also speak, but even the rest of the England Squad were gutted by the reaction of the new boss of how he handled Becks. do not forget that until some weeks ago we were saying of having the best midfield, neither Lampard nor Gerrard have given us their best and Becham made most of the goals in the World cup, his experience is needed in the squad whether he plays in the first 11 or not is not that important. look at chelsea they do not look at the future they look at the present situation, we do not want a team for the future we need a team that can perform today,

    • from a liverpool fan ---- ditto ----
      Lampard is a great player but out of form at the moment ....
      and would have liked to see swp on the right and lennon on the left (believe he's played there a few times for spurs) with the two changing through out ....
      Is Downing really world class... I'd rather (remember i'm a liverpool fan) have Richardson on the left