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  • B REEL B REEL Aug 21, 2006 22:42 Flag

    If not Hargreaves, then Who???

    Looks like the Germans are remaining Stubborn on United & Hargreaves desire to join forces!!! typical germans!!!!.

    If we are not to bolster our team by hargreaves, then who??? and do we need too?

    I personally think we are still short of a class midfield player!!!! Any ideas??? Discuss......

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    • Tevez is ready to leave Corinthians. I can't see his friend Mascherano staying in Brazil alone. Gabby will be a big plus in our corner. A double signing before the transfer window closes would suit me just fine.

    • If we don't get him, we'll either get someone we've never heard of, or no-one.

      I would have liked to have signed that Muntari. He had a great WC.

      But I think we have a strong enough squad to last until January, at which point, we may be able to line up Hargreaves again.

      I personaly like Papa Boupa Diop at Fulham, even after yesterdays battering, he'd be a good signing, but I'd rather SAF gets his man, then have to settle for a player he didn't really want.

    • I don't know why we didn't try for Hargreaves before Senna. If we couldn't get Hargreaves then we could have gone for Senna but at this rate we will end up with neither as rightly so, Senna will feel second best.

    • Yes we do need another midfielder, even SAF believes we do. And it looks like Bayern will not sell Owen - probably because they just sold Ballack. I think United would have to offer way above Owen's valuation in order to get him – something I don't necessarily disagree with. Who do we get otherwise? Realistically, I don't know! The closure of the transfer window is looming and with Villareal apparently closing the door on Senna it appears we don't have another option lined up.

      I also happen to believe we need another striker. Yesterdays five goals was just one game and not representitive of what will happen throughout the entire season. I know people say Chelsea won the title without a top goal scorer, and we have Saha, Smith, Solskjaer, and Rossi, but I don't care, these guys are either injury prone, past their best, unproven, or simply will never score 20 goals per season.

    • I still think the deal will be done although, I think SAF will have to go to 20 million.
      If Carrick is worth 18 then Hargreaves is definitely worth 20.

    • The fee for Hargreaves is to much. We paid over the odds for Carrick. Dont make the same mistake twice. Hargreaves is good but not at the price being mentioned. Senna is to old. And again for the price his club want, he is not worth it. After seeing comments Gerrard has in his book about Utd, him play for us? NO FUCKING WAY. Showed his true colours. WANKER. Other options for midfield? Reo-Coker, Mascherano, Gattuso, Cambiasso. And we still need a striker, as well as a left winger (someone to come in for Giggs and eventually take his place, unless Richardson steps up to the plate). May as well finish what ive to say now. Essien should have been sent off. Liverscum should never have been given a peno. Michael Brown is a dirty prick and should have got red. If Rooney had done it he'd have been no doubt.

    • If Bayern aren't letting Hargreaves go, then why does he know about the 'fantastic offer' United have offered?
      Bayern must of allowed him to speak to Man U at one point otherwise it's known of tappin up isn't it? And I don't hear calls of that?
      They wouldn't of said, 'man u have offered this offer, but you're not going...' would they?

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      • Senna would have been perfect but he is not going to come after his pride took a beating at having to wait and see if the hargreaves deal fell through, he is at a big club and doensn't deserve that.

        I don't know who else is available...we should be ok judging by scholes performance, giggs and o' shea can fill in for injuries and suspensions.

    • realistically? or not?

      If i could chose i would like either Gerrard, Riquelme or Mascherano.

      Cant see any of them coming so i would like maybe Nolan?!

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      • We should drop Hargreaves and get Senna.

        It looks like Bayern won't sell so the best we can do is come out of this looking a bit more professional. Just tell Bayern that we'd like to be informed if the player ever becomes available and tell Hargreaves that it's a pity but there is nothing we can do.

        Then we tell Villareal & Senna that we had options and our priority was Hargreaves because he is younger but the next on our list is Senna.

        He will be OK for a couple of seasons and at least he is really keen to join.