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    We're gonna win the league

    We're gonna win the league

    And now ur gonna believe us

    And now ur gonna believe us

    And now ur gonna believe us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • I hope we can carry on like the way we have played in the first 2 games. Think we have passed well and created lots of chances and look quick and dangerous going forward. Last night it could have been 5 or 6 again, hitting each post and the crossbar and we didn't have our full team out. In fact probably half. Neville, Heinze, Carrick, Scholes, Rooney all out. As someone has mentioned on another post, I think the fact our players can switch positions makes it difficult to mark and gives us the cover for injuries and suspensions. Evra too is looking much better but I am still unsure whether we should loan Rossi out as I don't think he will get much of a game. Even last night without Rooney, Solksjaer came on and when Smith his back I think it will be difficult to see him forcing his way in.

    • If only it was that easy eh!!Another 36 performances like that and maybe we will but in all honesty all we have done is beaten two poor sides who we are expected to beat.With two quility players out it wa a good result but looking ahead I think we still need a couple of signing else we will struggle.

    • Let's not get too carried away!!
      Yes it is great that we have won, convincingly, our first two games and sit top of the league. But the two opponents were teams we expected to beat and both of them looked poor at times.

      To answer the Saha critics (I have been one in the past), he had a good game, his movement was excellent - Andy Gray pointed out the runs he made to the flanks were something Ruud never made, this stretched the defenders and created holes. His finish was top-notch even if the defenders did make it easy for him.

      To summarise, it is great that Man Utd have played well and easily won their first two games but there is a long way to go and the squad will be tested to it's limit. I'd worry if Saha or Scholes get long-term injuries in the season as those players are hard to replace without new signings.

      Spurs will be our first true test...

    • and really,who cares who broke the deadlock?i dont

    • deadlock?against fulham?or last night?.Ruud has gone,great player,but now he's with another club,so all comments about how he can do this that or the other is worthless.Saha's goal was created outside the box.

    • Very true, that was.... DARREN FLETCHER!!!!

    • Why get so carried away? Yes it has been a great start. There is still 36 games to go mind. We are going to win the league? Reality check required. The 2 performances to date have been very very good. Its about maintaining that level of performance throughout the season though. Leagues arent won in August people. Ronaldo deserves credit for the way he handled himself last night. Oppsition fans can hurl abuse at him all they want. It seems to spur him on. He loves it. Keep it up wankers. Our fans at the game deserve praise to for getting behind him and supporting him. And OLE is a legend. And Im not trying to put a downer on things either. Im a very optimistic individual and as fanatical about Utd as anyone on here who is a Utd fan. I just think some people are getting to carried away about the start weve made thats all. If we lose a game the same people will come on here calling for SAF's head. Those with any sense know it also.

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      • Spot on.

        Anything other than 3 points against Fulham and Charlton would be poor, as it would against Watford in the next game and Spurs at home in the one after that.

        We should have 12 points from the first four games, then it's the Gooners and that is the first real test.

        We may well win the league, but let's have a look at that around Easter time!

        Out of interest, how many people on this board have posted in the last month nemoaning our lack of creative players, strikers or saying Fergie hasn't got a clue are now suddenly optimistic and revelling in the league table?

        How many said Ronaldo didn't want to play for Utd?

        Who said we couldn't cope without Ruud? By the way, Saha's goals per game record muct be as good as Ruud's anyway, I think that's 17 in 22 starts, and he certainly creates more than Ruud for others.

        While I'm at it, who thought Fletcher's goal last night was class? Not good enough for Reading, wasn't it?

        Keep the faith!

      • fallon exactly agree with you.Great game last night,6 pts from two games.But 36 to go;and as you say those 'fans' who are delerious now will be calling for fergies head when we lose a game.I'm enjoying the moment

    • United TOP OF THE LEAGUE, with style and lots of goals

      Yet, Jonathan leung is still unhappy, muppetino grande

      Poei poeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!

    • A bit early to say we'll win the league but it's a fantastic start, just what we were all after.

      Good to see Carrick back & fit, Ole scoring, Saha leading the line well, Evra coming along well, Ronaldo dealing with the fans abuse (I'm sure he'll get worse stick at other grounds but he'll cope), Fletcher putting in a decent performance and a cracking finish... So far (despite injuries and suspensions) it's a very positive start to the season.

    • RVN. Good player...BUT...EC? Anyone? C'mon. None greater, as a striker. Maybe George best but he kinda let it all go. But still god like all the same.

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