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    Arsenal will pay the price for going foreign

    Arsenal seem to have made the mistake of having a squad of players, none of whom really understand the club or would not rather be at another club. No players from their acadamy. No Brits who value their history (limited though it is). No sole. Just a bunch of foreign mercenaries who would give their right hand to play for Real or Barca (or even Atletico in the case of Reyes). The only English player, Ashley Cole, wants to leave because its too foreign.

    I have to say that however much I loathe Arsenal, in the days of Wright, Adams, Dixon, Parlour etc etc there was a spirit about the club. They had a whole squad who were Arsenal to the core.

    Now, I can't really think of one player they have who would stick around if things got bad and Wenger left.

    And what happens when Wenger leaves? A British manager won't be able to manage that lot, so they'll have to go foreign again perpetuating the destructive sole sapping excercise of de-anglification. In fact it can't be called de-Anglification as all the de-anglifying has been done. So, who will be there fighting for Arsenal's cause when wenger leaves to manage France or Real? They will have 25 foreigners wanting out.

    Oh what a shame. Such a pretty stadium too. All those empty seats will be so unattractive. But on the upside, they'll easily have the biggest stadium in the Championship.

    Thankyou Sir Alex, for keeping us on the British path, with a sprinkling of foreign magic.

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