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  • CHRIS L CHRIS L Aug 30, 2006 10:09 Flag

    Open letter to Ian Harris

    Its a fair post, although most of the points could be directed at a number of acid tongue utd fans on this forum.
    Its easy to discern the true fans from the infiltrators who just stir up shit. If EVERYBODY didnt bite to the stupid posts then they would soon get bored. This fact is taking a long time to sink in.
    I too have noticed some rather insulting remarks directed at solely utd fans from other united fans on fairly tame opinions posted. Disagreement and banter is all part of a forum but absurd assumptions and insults lower the standards of it all.
    JonathanLeung might raise some opinionated wild assumptions but he gets a lot of shit over nothing really. It`s his opinion, contradict it logically, but insulting him doesnt shoot his assumptions down! In fact it tends to make the person look like a -> lamer364@aol.com.
    I stated before that the only true way to root out this crap is by posting with true email addresses/logins rather than the lame pseudonames yahoo lets people get away with. Its very easy to identify people from an email address/IP Address. Plus, most forums are moderated correctly. This board is an anarchic free for all, thanks to yahoo.