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  • If West Ham do sign the 2 argentinians then how can Fergie be trusted? How can they attract them and we don't, and don't say we don't need them they are both world class! Fergie is either still asleep this morning or the glazers are lying about spending cash.

    These two are a snip, I can't believe they are being sold so early, they have to come to united cos they'd walk into any euro top team and for fuck sake tevez supports united!!!

    Go on fergie get on the blower!!!!

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    • never thought i'd be agreeing with things said on the man u board so vehemently

    • I agree. But looking at the personalities of Abramovitch, Mourinho & Kenyon I don't suppose that would bother them too much. If I was a Chelsea fan I'd be feeling a bit embarrassed by having these three running the club, however many trophies they might win.

    • Chelsea becomes the public enemy of rivals in doing this, if all said above is real!

    • I guess we won't know until next year.

    • if this is true and an EPL team is a feeder club for others, and Chelsea are buying players just to stop others competing -- then I have lost all faith in football!! if the end up at Chelsea and The FA/FIFA do nothing -- then it has become a joke --- they can spend as much money as they want in fielding a strong team -- but when they are spending money to ensure weaker opposition -- then how the f@£k can that be justified -- HOW CAN CHELSEA FANS THEN ARGUE THAT THEY ARE NOT BUYING TROPHIES -- the sooner Abromovich leaves the whole of football the better --

    • Even if every single paper were to be incorrect that still doesn`t answer the question as to why they aren`t going to a top european club who can offer them CL football and who could afford to pay a huge fee for one or both?

    • It could be that:

      1. They definitely want out of Corinthians
      2. Corinthians are owned by Ivan Hellovanich
      3. Chelsea can't take them because even THEY don't need them.
      4. Mourinho doesn't want them to go to any other club in the Champions League.
      5. They refuse to be sold to a 'lower' club.
      6. West ham can't afford to buy them anyway.
      7. So they go on loan somewhere that isn't going to scupper Chelsea's season.
      8. Therefore, no Utd, no LFC, no AFC, no anybody too good, good luck West Ham.

    • of course the papers are correct....

      never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

      Not attacking SAF... just wondering when we might see this might 25 mil/yr transfer war-chest promised last year?

    • Its not just a question of why they aren`t joining man utd, its why aren`t they joining arsenal, ac milan, roma and real madrid - all of which have been linked with one or both of the players. Indeed according to the press both utd and arsenal made susbtantial bids for Tevez - £25 million & £18 million respectively. Why aren`t 2 of the best talents in the world, who surely want to play at the very highest level, joining a club who can guarantee then CL or at the very least european football???

      So stop using this as an excuse to attack SAF, David Gill & the Glazers if the papers are correct they have made an effort to bring both players to OT but for whatever reasons corinithians prefer to loan them out.

    • I agree we both have our opinions, and I admire your dedication, I wasn't questioning your loyalty as a fan, I was merely putting my opinion across in a similar strong way as you had previously done.

      I understand your arguement, and yes I am family with the term, however it is also a sure fire way to set yourself up for a much bigger fall.

      At the end of the day we all have opinions, thats what these boards are for, its nice to have a bit of banter, without the insults, which for the largest part this has been...

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