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  • jim w jim w Sep 1, 2006 03:32 Flag

    Football is the Loser, United are OK!

    MSI , a shady company owned by Russian money, own the rights of the 2 Argies, not Corinthians. So it is highly likely West Ham merely bought out the small 'rights' of Corinthians and MSL still 'own' them. Its a way for MSI to sell on at greater profit once they are 'proven' in EPL.
    Well I for one am glad United had nothing to do with it and I hope they both suffer the same fate as many other overated S Americans.
    Whilst I have criticised United for their ineptness going after their midfield targets , I am pleased they have remained true and faithful to their players and not gone in for wholesale change. Team spirit is very important in this game.
    The 'curse' of Latin transfer dealings has hit the EPL this year, compounded by the Russian mafia money.
    I salute Fergie and Gill for remaining true to the 'United' way of dealing ( even if its sometimes fustrating) Rather that than selling your souls like many others now including West Ham.
    Come on lads lets show them what a real football team can do!

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