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  • Vidal Vidal Sep 1, 2006 07:48 Flag


    This is a team, and a strong one.....


    Neville Rio Vidic Heinze

    Ronaldo Carrick Scholes Giggs

    Rooney Saha

    Subs: Smith, Evra, O'Shea, Brown, Ole, Park, Silvestre, Richardson,Fletcher

    We have good cover in all areas because we dont need 18 Superstars on a team to win. Our best 11 is pretty damn good, and after 60 minutes you can always bring on utility guys like O'Shea and Richardson who can play in defense or midfield/wing. I've supported ManU for a long time and it never seems like we have the strongest squad on paper...but they somehow always manage to play well together. I thought we were done in minute 89 of the 1999 CL final when we took off our 2 starting strikers...but you know how that turned out.
    So far we won 3 games against teams that wont be in the top four..and thats what we are supposed to do. Our team can still beat Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham and dare I say Chelsea. Tevez and Mascherano wont make Villa a top club, if they could not help a national team with 9 other superstars win the world cup then how will they help Villa win 6th place. ManU will always raise their level of play depending on the strength of the opposition.

    We have a strong starting 11 plus at least 4 very good squad players. We offered 17M for Owen and we didnt get him...too bad, that just means we still got 17M to spend on another Defensive Midfielder who steps up between now and January.
    It always amazes me that the players who Chelsea spend millions on that are supposedly world class never look as intimidating once they're sold to play for another team. Every team needs players who will come in and do a specific job, why have 2 world class players for every position to just warm the bench or wait until a starter gets injured.
    We have an excellent team with 10 WORLD CLASS startes....Carrick will be there very shortly to make it 11.

    Put last year into context...without many of our regulars we did damn good. If we had beat Blackburn in both games and beat Sunderland, we would be Champs. The guys have done their job so far and lets do ours and support the players we have.

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