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    Can we discuss International Fanbases...

    (Old ground i know but please post your thoughts)

    ...The reason being is that all the other fans on here, with no exception use our worldwide poularity as a jibe or some sort of rile. How can that be further from the truth?

    The fact is, as far as i can see, is that United is such a huge Institution, that our cross section of fans is simply miles bigger than anyone elses! We have people from all walks of life, in almost every country supporting a team passionately, that they have never been to see and prob never will. United MUST be special to do that...

    All other clubs pimp themselves out all over the world to be the same (Chelsea in USA was hilarious, giving out free shirts by the thousand! Are they trying to buy fans too?? Never!) Though City in Shang hai surely is the funniest of all!!! : )

    The point is, that it is ridiculous to say that you are only allowed a fanbase that can fit in your ground ie 76,000, or has an M16 postcode and then anyone else is a glory hunter! What is a glory hunter?? Surely, it is only the players that can bask in the glory... we just share the ups and downs. People say loads of prawns have defected from United to Chelsea... I could really see that on Tuesday against Werder!!! The place was empty.

    United is just a bit different from every club and any fan is welcome.

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    • The tag always seem to get stuck with Utd fans not being from M16. Most people I know are fans of teams from cities they never came from too. In the late 70`s there were loads of Liverpool fans, cos of the success.
      I remember being about 4 years old and given a Chelski mug. Somehow I didnt like it. My uncle used to go on about Bestie and he was Manu, so I supported them. Weird but most my mates were Manu too, before I ever knew them.

      I do get the feeling that M16 fans seem to feel a bit superior to the rest of us. Though the £1 in my pocket is worth the same when I spend it on Manu stuff. Are the fans in Asia who spend millions not "proper" fans too? Difficult for them to go to OT every week.

      As to why Manu are supported worldwide is difficult. Those fans were there long before the marketing machine was in motion. My guess is we are one of the Wonders of the World, just a bit higher than the Pyramids!

    • Before we turn this into some sort of internal war on this board, let me point out that if it wasn't for the international fans from all corners of the globe, Manchester United would not be the team that it is now.

      My Nana was born in Manchester and as I mention it over and over again it is in honour of her that I am an United supporter which I have been a supporter of this fabled club since 1992. I have always loved sports and proud of the fact that my family came from Britain. No, I don't have the deep roots that some of you do but I do count on the fact that I love this club and have continue to support the fans and club on not only this board but others as well.

      Now, we have a brilliant football match to watch tomorrow, so can we concentrate on that!!

    • I appreciate the post.
      I am a long distance supporter. Chances are I will never be to Old Trafford for a game.
      I have my office at home covered in United merchandise, I have my office at work done up just the same.
      I am doing my basement in red bricks with framed jerseys, prints, the works.
      I buy at least 2 jerseys every year from the Megastore for at least $30 more than I could buy the replicas here.
      I outfitted my daughter in United sleepers, shirts, bibs, hats, etc, etc, etc from the day she was born.
      I get up at 5 am every Saturday to watch the games. I fork out $20 to watch pay-per-views like the Burton games last year.
      People want to call us long distance supporters glory hunters? Well if I was a glory hunter what the hell am I doing not supporting Chelsea? They have been winning a lot lately, they spend more on big name players then United, so why am I not supporting them?
      FFS, I won't even buy a Real Madrid jersey (even though RVN is my favorite player) because I'd rather spend the money on United gear!
      There is many ways to support a club. I believe my way is on of them.

    • What some people tend to forget is that people emigrate to all parts of the world. In my case I was born and bred in Chorley Lancashire for 28 years then moved to Canada. Id say from 1970 to 1988 I was a regular visitor to OT when a season ticket wasnt required. Saw both good and bad.
      So logistically am I now considered a plastic fan??????