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  • CHRIS L CHRIS L Sep 20, 2006 11:51 Flag

    Panorama - Illegal Bungs in football.

    Interesting program last night about the Agents involved in player transfers.
    Sam Allardyce of Bolton and his son looked right up to there neck in shit.
    Suprise! too that Chelski youth director was caught on camera offering £150K per season for the illegal tapping up and transfer of a Middlesborough youth player. Middlesborough had no idea that the agent was meeting the boy and Chelski shoudnt have been even discussing it.
    Even the Liverpool back room team were in talks about cash with agents.

    Lets say, a lot of people were caught on camera, Big names, so I would expect some action by the FA on this.
    Chelski were hit by a £500K fine with Cole tapping up. Looks this time it could be 3 points.

    Or do you really think the FA has the minerals to go through with this?

    Certainly is widespread within football, although everybody denied responsibility as per normal. Luckily they were caught on film.

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