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  • viwer viwer Sep 22, 2006 22:00 Flag

    Football? It's a fishy old game

    The latest reports about corruption in football involving Potao head Allardyce aren't really that surprising along with his comments -"If anyone says anything wrong about SA.. I will sue them" Just the same as athletes when they have been caught on a drugs bust say: "I have never knowingly taken any performance enhancing drugs". He (SA)claims that the people caught in the sting were telling lies - really ? Why pick his name from a list of 20 managers- why didn't they pick on SAF & Mournihno? or the other 17?
    His body language says it all and he will be unemployable within amonth.

    Which brings me to there fishy business.
    Damien Duff - Bought by Chelsea for 12million - improves- wins medal but devalues by over 60% and sold for 5 million
    Ashley Cole - Chelsea baulking at 15million for 25 year top defender yet pay 30 million for 30 year old Shevenenko
    I think there's a few people going to get their hands burnt here

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    • Lets face it no one will ever get punished.

      George Graham was the unlucky sod 10 years ago. beacause he admitted his bung taking.

      The rest of the managers will get off as long as they deny it all the way and claim the program was inticement.