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  • Afraid I must have been watching a different game to some who acclaim Carricks performance at the weekend (and his contribution this season)-maybe it's different when you're actually at the matches rather than watching from an armchair. Against Newcastle Scholes was neat and tidy as usual, linking play and looked the part. Carrick however was distinctly average, and that's being kind.

    I genuinely want Carrick to succeed, but don't understand why he was bought and what he adds to the team. Scholes is a better passer, better finisher and at least has a go at tackling (sometimes we wish he didn't be at least he tries). So far I have seen little to suggest Carrick fits in at United. He can pass a ball ok - yes, but he has no pace, can't tackle, and looks lost in the opposition half. He can't drive forward with purpose and looks lost alongside the impressive Scholes. He's a poor immitation of Veron in my mind, and someone who doesn't suit the Man Utd way of playing football.

    Senna or Hargreaves would have been a great foil for Scholes. at 25 and £14m-£18m I just don't see what we get from Carrick. PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG

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    • Was`nt everyone giving Flecther stick last season, I think he`s been one of United`s best players this season, and for Scotland too. so give Carrick a chance, and stop being critical of United player`s, GET BEHIND THEM.

    • raj,exactly ,and we are top after all

    • Carrick has a brilliant football mind. He completes 80 - 90% of his passes. Compared to Fletcher who seems to be no more than 40% and O'Shea who seems to be around 25%. You can't score if you give the ball away constantly, (as these two seem to do more often than not).

      Spurs are at a loss this season without him. He has a brilliant football mind, from what I have seen of his days at Spurs.

      Give him a chance to show what he can do before complaining about someone who WANTS to be at Old Trafford....(despite the shitty weather) he is YARDS above Veron as far as playing in English soccer is concerned. There is no comparison between the two.

      Bayern Munich will have to let Hargreaves come to Utd sooner or later, you can't keep a disgruntled player (ask Gallas and a certain England full back)

      There is a small pool of players in the world good enough to wear the MUFC shirt and I think Carrick will fit into his rather nicely, given half a chance.

    • ever heard of ray wilkins he was supposed to fit at man utd and he was less adventurous than carrick give the guy a chance though he hasn't shown as much ball winning ways as I would have liked if all those defenders are fit then give gaby a go in that defensive midfield role reckon it would be roy keane eat your heart out

    • I think Carrick has done well with Manchester United and he will continue to improve with the club. It's early to decide what kind of impact he will have on the club but I'm sure if Spurs are missing him that badly, then it's a good deal.

    • Apart from a couple of occasions when he gave the ball away to easily I thought he had a good game and showed signs of quality at times. I think anyone playing in that position needs time to settle in. He produced some penetrative balls in the attcaking half of the pitch and he generally looked comfortable on the ball. Scholes was great as ever and I think Carrick will be his long term replacement. - I was at the game before I'm accused of being a TV supporter (not that there is anything wrong with being a supporter of any kind!) Just covering myself it seems to be so easy to offend people on here!

    • i'm in the middle opinion wise to the 2 posts in here so far. i thought carrick looked fair at times, but distinctly average at others. He does seeem to have a touch of the verons about him. That said, it's still early days so lets give him a few more games before we start passing verdicts. Have to agree he looks lost in opposition half though, and is no quicker than fletcher. Will he justify the large fee? Hmmmmmm.....

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      • Don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone in a red shirt to fail, my point was concerning whether Carrick actually fits into the way Utd play. If he can't tackle, and he looks lost going forward - does he fit into what we need in the centre of our midfield. Given we normally play with two wingers, it is usual to have two players in the center who can tackle - plus also have the ability to drive forward with purpose at the right time.

        Scholes can do this, Keane, Ince, Robson etc etc of old all did. Veron, the great talent that he was, didn't fit. I fear Carrick also fundamentally doesn't.

      • well wayne rooney's been piss poor so far this season.Are we going to pass verdicts on him?of course not,same with carrick.Actually i think he's beginning to fit in well.Only my opinion mind