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  • Blueskies Blueskies Oct 5, 2006 19:01 Flag

    Football Bung Scam - Work it out

    FA said that they are investigating 39 deals - 8 PL clubs involved-

    Work out where it will boil down to.

    Manchester United ?

    Chelsea - Too much money Nobody needs to ask for a “bung”

    Bolton Wanderers ?

    Portsmouth ?

    Everton – don’t thinks so

    Aston Villa – OLeary’s dodgy deals?

    Reading N/A

    Arsenal - NOT LIKELY – Caught up as victims of Bunging before –

    Blackburn Rovers – New manager – MH not the type

    Liverpool – New manager to English game – not likely

    Manchester City ? Hamman looked Dodgy for one

    Fulham – Don’t think Coleman or Club involved

    Newcastle United – Roeder new manager not involved – But Duff for 5m?/Owen 17m?

    Tottenham Hotspur – Scandanavian connection acts as warning Not Likely

    Wigan Athletic – Doesn’t look like the type

    West Ham United – West Ham seems a feeder club for talent but the club itself looks clean

    Middlesbrough New Manager not involved – and unlikely that McLaren

    Sheffield United N/A

    Watford N/A

    Charlton Athletic ?/ Curbishley moved on for some reason – may be unconnected

    Sunderland - relegated
    CP - relegated
    Norwich - relegated

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    • Not sure of the logic of excluding Chelsea - although the bungs are probably going in the other direction where they are concerned.
      I hope United don't get tarnished - but the likelihood is that Fergie's son will drag us into it!
      Top tips for others are :
      Bolton (no doubt)
      Portsmouth - you can't ignore the number of transfers they are involved in.
      Liverpool - Kewell?

      The one team I think will not be tarnished is Arsenal.

    • What conclusive evidence is there to tie bungs to clubs and managers? All the FA has are a few dodgy characters passing themselves off as agents, who are dropping names like Allardyce, Redknapp, or whatever. This doesn't prove anything.

      Plus, the agents offering the bungs wouldn't offer them direct to the Manager or Club, but to the club's agent. The club's agent would then either have to persuade the MAnager to buy/sell the player or offer him a percentage of the bung. The Manager could then agree the buying or selling of the certain player who was the subject of the bung, but then plead ignorance later on of receiving abung because "he had no idea his agent was crooked".

      Result? A few agents get fired and taken down, but clubs and managers do not suffer, rightly or wrongly.