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  • Pritul Pritul Oct 17, 2006 02:57 Flag

    Richardson or not

    hey david,
    yea richardson is a good player and he will get better with more chances but prob is, he's a manchester united player and with the likes of giggs and ronaldo out there, as long as they are fit, it would be very hard for him to get into the team. however, he is valued by fergie because of his versitality as he can play both in the midfield and the defence much like o'shea. as long as international level is concerned, well its all too unpredictable right now, mclaren will probably use joe cole in the left so not much of a chance there either. nonetheless, hez got a good future ahead of him and being a manutd player, he'll keep on learning from the likes of giggs and ole and will become an accomplished player.

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    • Thanks for your reply.
      I totaly agree, for a moment though i thought he mite go on loan just like bardsly which if u ask me was a big mistake. an extra right back never hurt anyone. On the england side of things is downing the way to go, i dont think so, not the way hes been playing so far. And lennon needs more games for england as well, but thats enough about that. What did you make of Martin during pre season?
      I thought he played reasonably well i hope we keep him for the future.

      Cheers David