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    The History of Newcastle Support

    Lots of exchanges between club message boards about who are best supporters particularly Man Utd and NUFC.
    What defines a good supporter? Someone who turns up for a winning team – someone who supports poor team?
    (Q) Which team has the best supporters? (A) Those that have the most that turns up.

    If nothing else it has got to be said that Newcastle supporters are the most long suffering in the game.

    If you were make a table of clubs with tangible success in England – Championship/FA cup/league cup/ over the past 50 years Newcastle would be well below - Wimbledon, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Birmingham Sunderland, West Brom and the rest -- probably at the bottom.

    Man Utd have been fed on success

    It’s true Ncle cannot match MU record – in success or numbers turning up to support.

    In my view, there has been 2 differences between the clubs.

    The MU has had a different class of board members who could make combined financial and footballing judgements.

    Newcastle have been a club traditionally of working class supporters but owned by the upper crust. Families such as Westwood, McKeags – this has in my view been the divide – through the decades the supporters have accepted their status on the lower rung of the ladders – this includes a decrepit stadium with concrete walls to piss against, improper toilets facilities and cattle market standing accommodation + the piss weak scalding hot Bovril and sawdust pies– people just accepted it.

    Ask many of the former players/managers – and they will tell you they would not dream of going to the chairman’s house – 2 clear divides of class and accepted by both. History over the decades show the success – 1955 _ Fairs Cup that’s it and same old names trotted out... nothing else. 50’s 60’s 70’80’s --- teams of nobodies put together in the black and white shirts (Micky Quinn et al) Local bred talent sold off, Gasgoigne, Beardsley, Waddle -- budget managers and barrel scrapers and “Yes” men in place – Jackie Charlton -- I forget the names of the rest -- and so it went on -

    In the late 80’s the club was at the wall – with 6m in debt --- after lengthy negotiation John Hall (A Sunderland supporter) stuck his neck out for the 6m in loans – he then did the master stroke of appointing KK as manager – this was the turning point -- A board change- and change of mentality and ousting of the class – Keegan’s enthusiasm drove the club forward in recognition and although we won nothing – it got where it is today (new stadium/ worldwide respect and a few scalps. The Entertainers –lifted the city – there was nothing like Newcastle in those days. The support grew (even prawnie types) getting seats in the corporate boxes but unfortunately Newcastle blew their chance of championship because of KK’s inability to puts his emotions behind logical foot-balling tactics.

    Nevertheless the rise in reputation – change of board – solid support changed the club. Noticeably after Keegan left, the voice of the supporters (mine too) was heard and resulted in the Daglish and Gullit disasters followed by Bobby Robson and Souness. The Chairman now jumps to the shouts of supporters and makes rash judgement on appointments of players and managers. So over the decades it changed from being upper class boardroom controlled to someone who just jumps and makes populist, irrational judgements when the supporters crack the whip

    So this is where we sit today – going nowhere – We’ve missed the boat which had the leading 4, or. Clubs on and now there is such a big gap in both financial and football terms it will be hard for anyone to break in – these top clubs will clean up everything whilst other are fed on scraps of Inter Toto crap.

    That then lead to Elite European Leagues

    But I’ll always remember the Keegan days

    And still keep supporting

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    • Good post musclebox. Haven't looked at the Newcastle board but Im guessing the kids from here are over there exacting revenge for Geordie_boys antics over here.

      I wouldn't pay any attention to it mate.

      One thing I will say is maybe we have alot of prawn sarnie business suits in their corporate boxes, now we are one of the biggest and most illustrious clubs in the world, but we were founded on working class principles, and followed by working class fans. My dad told me stories of being taken down to games by the neighbours at the age of 6 and standing on a box or someones shoulders to watch the game at OT, being passed to the front to get a good view by strangers, all United in supporting United, thats a proper family atmosphere. It may have appeared to have gone to onlookers, but not all of us have given up on these values and certainly not all of us have forgotten.

      We have worked our way to success, attracted fans to our attacking style of play that we have maintained since the busby era, thanks to Fergie. We have not done a quick fix like Chelski and we deserve what we have. I dont think even the most hardcore liverpool fan would deprive us of this. We most definitely shouldn't have to apologise for our huge success and consider ourselves lesser fans just because some have experienced hardships. We have had more than our fair share too.

      Good luck though, Im sure it'll come together if Shephard could just get you a decent manager, you have some talented players.

    • seems a reasonable post but you forget success didn't always define man utd's support seem to remember getting crowds of 57000 in the second division and old trafford being a pile of rubble and getting great attendances at maine road. But you do have great support and should eventually get some reward for it just not over us lol
      ps kk logical tactics ( what tactics) once a sulker always a sulker, he sulked when martin buchan put him in his pocket and he still sulks.
      does anyone know why rossi isn't getting fair crack of the whip at newcastle over the 2 donkeys they keep playing

    • musclebox you should think yourself lucky, try supporting Brentford.

    • You hit the nail on the head. My condolences.

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      • Thanks - Just speaking on behalf of most people who believe you cannot deny facts.
        I responded with some more facts on the Newcastle board.
        Also, apart from piss taking rivallry there is no hate amongst MU & NU fans.
        Infact I think SAF has a soft spot for Newcastle - When Andy Cole made his return to Newcastle in a Man U shirt he was given a standing ovation - and the crowd went out of their way to pay tribute to him. AF afterwards was obviously moved by this and went on to say if MU didn't win the league he hoped Newcastle would. I think Man U won 1 or 2 0. Also in the game where at Newcastle where they NU were 5 0r 6 1 down to Man U -- MU took their foot off the pedal to save embarassment --Newcastle were simply outclassed. - I was watching this as a Newcastle supporter -
        I've been in town in Newcastle on the days of matches and come acroos Man Utd supporters who seemed to be having a good time (even when we won 5-0) And I understand it is the same when Ncle fans go to Manchester.

        My posts were made in concern for the club I supported since I was 10 and I think its a pity we are going to miss the boat when it leaves for the Big time and European leagues.
        Its all been down to what I think are the board room being in the hands of the likes of McKeags and Westwoods during the 50s through to late 80s'-- No understanding or connection at all with the people supporting the club- and despite given our chance in the 90's to win the championship (with a 12 point lead) we blew it.

        2nd chances don't come begging without GOOD Judgment which brings LOTs of Luck