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  • CHRIS L CHRIS L Oct 19, 2006 09:23 Flag

    captain rooney

    Yep hes looking better. When he plays well he looks hungry for the ball. Rooney is playing a Cantona type of role. I can never see him as a 20+ goal man because of the way he plays but that isnt a criticism. He brings more out of the other players and creates chances.
    Pity our finishing wasnt better. We had 2 flukey goals and Saha missed 2 easy chances and Smith 1.
    Talking of strikers, I see that RVN isnt showing that he`s finished player and proving SAF wrong. His goal for Real was class.

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    • yea, your right about rvn. no disrespect to saha, he's an awesome striker and brings a lot to our game, but everytime he misses a chance, i cant help but think that RVN would have put that it in. in a nutshell, i miss RVN!!!!!!! then again, i am confident that with more games in the CL, saha's conversion rate will get better and we need that cuz its one thing missing against a dutch side, but imagine if we were playing one of the big guns like barca.

    • erm i dont recall sir alex saying ruud was finished.