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  • Looks good for sunday...liverpool were far from convincing last night....also man utd have an extra days rest aswell as having played at home so no travelling....united also in much better form and hopefully giggs will be back to start...with rooney showing great form aswell it all adds up to us having a great chance of recording another win over liverpool

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    • Yeah, can't wait!! It will be interesting to see what formation Rafa will bring up and for Liverpool's sake he needs to stop the juggling act.

      ManUtd are on fire at the moment. It's good karma all around and we will see if the team can continue. I would love nothing more than to see our boys kick Liverpool's asses back to the Merseyside!!

    • You never know vs LFC. Its a close call. Depends if they turn up and play. They won it in the midfield last season but that wont happen again with Scholes and Giggs back. I could always see the Treble side winning every game they played, but this side isnt the same quality, so 1-0 to Utd.
      Somebody mentioned Bellamy as a threat. That little twat has no self control and lacks professionalism, thats why hes so inconsistent. Great when hes on form. But the other 36 games? :)

    • i think he wants to win the champions league again myself...got a feeling hes got 5years in him now...if he was going to go he wouldve a few years ago but he will want to see rooney/ronaldo/fletcher etc.. come through and form a top quality team. he really seems up for europe this year so think itl be when we perform in the ECL that he retires.

    • I rate Vidic (as does our manager who did try to sign him) but he'll have to show this consistency over the next couple of years (which he probably will do) to prove how good he is...

      Can't say much about Heinze - he is a good player and he tried to punch Bierhoff (respect the man for that!!!) Giggs has changed into a Sheringham-esqe player with his thinking these days... but if Alonso has a good day along with Gerrard -- then our passing should see us through -- wish it was at Anfield though...
      And although we won a dire game y'day I'm glad we could win an udly game -- which we usually lose....

      Also a quick question for man utd fans -- If S.A.F. beats Chelsea/Arsenal/Liverpool to the title -- will he retire in your view??? he obviously would want to leave as a Champion??

    • How have we gone backwards from last season? We're top of the league and top of our champions league group. Tit

    • unfortunately i have a feeling that once again bellamy will cause us problems if he plays.....only have to look at blackburn this season who although not looking terrible this season seem to be lacking something up front now bellamy has left.
      rooney scholes and ronaldo should prove to much for liverpool though and if fletcher can pull out another good performance then the midfield battle will surely be won by united.

    • As I say enjoy it as you will finish 3rd this season. My crystal ball never lies.
      Just had a couple of beers today dahn the Three Pigeons. Very voluptuous barmaid let me have a feel of her tits. Made me quite emotional.

    • no it wasn't Chelsea had it won by the turn of the year.... they flattered us all by playing weak sides in their last few games.... looking forward to sunday -- I'm a Liverpool fan and an England fan -- we know how good Rooney can be.... let's just hope he doesn't play well thiss weekend and starts scoring next week....

    • wengers been dahn the immagration office buying players lol

    • 'You have since gone backwards'

      So going from 2nd to 1st is now considered as 'going backwards?'

      Think you have been 'dahnthepub' just a bit too long today...

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