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  • Ian, Heinze? I never mentioned him. I cant see the comparison you are making. Heinze is a good defender. I never see him showboat.
    Probably a bit hard on Ronaldo. Yes hes a fantastic individual player. Do I rate him as high as Ole, Scholes, Rooney or Giggs as a team player/passer? Hell, no. Nowhere near.
    Yes, I do believe that you need players like Ronaldo who can beat players and create space and time for the strikers. Thats something thats not easy to defend. Yes, he has a fantastic talent but I have my reservations.
    You just watch the amount of times he fails to realise the first time ball. 2 or 3 crosses out of 15 actually hit the target player.
    When Ronaldo gets the medal haul of Giggs (15), Neville (11) and Scholes (11) I will be the first to say he`s done something, Until then.............

    I suppose I am still in love with that 1999 Treble team Ian. Ronaldo cant live up to any of those players as yet :(

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    • i think that ronaldo has come of age this season,much less showing off and more playing for the team.I personally dont think he should take all free kicks.I think it sould be shared between him,heinze,rooney,giggs and carrick.But his overall play has improved miles this season