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  • blanksblock blanksblock Oct 31, 2006 00:38 Flag

    Rooney and Saha or Rooney and Ruud

    Ruud is a striker, Saha is a forward (I hope you understand what I mean). It's not fair to compare them. What you can compare is a the system of play that you must employ in order to facilitate either player.

    Ruud very rarely did any work in the middle of the field; Saha does most of his work starting from the middle. So the team can do more fast breaks and the midfielders can assist more going forward as they know Saha will come back to assist (hence more goals from different players this season).

    Saha has always been underrated by most fans. If anyone watched his play at Fulham they would never doubt his ability. He single handedly carried that team for most of their games. What has caused his delayed production at Utd is injury.

    If I must compare the players, the most important difference between the 2 is attitude. Saha is like Ole, he gives 100% all the time and is willing to contribute even if he's coming off the bench. Ruud on the other hand was happy when he was an ever present and scoring goals. Yes Ruud is more clinical (which is much easier when you're standing in the box waiting on your opportunity than when you have to dribble 30+ yards to create your chance). But Saha is the type of player who the rest of the team loves to play with (even when he's not scoring). Not to mention his pace and his least recognised asset, his amazing leap (especially considering his height).

    That's my 2 pence worth.

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    • To see the dfference between RVN and Saha you need look no further than utd`s 3rd goal against bolton. There is no way that RVN would have passed the ball to Ronaldo, but Saha realised that although he had a good chance to score given the goalkeeper`s superb performance there was no guarantee of a goal so he set up Ronaldo who couldn`t miss. Saha, like Rooney, isn`t interested in personal glory but does what is best for the team.

    • It is hard to compare Saha and Rudd, they are totally two different style, though, we can note from the result this season so far and the team building very successfull with great team work, we can easily note the difference in outcome.

      The conclusion is Saha more suitable in current Reds and his contribution is positive and great.

      I saw an interview of Ole, as you know he is a kind man, but he said " Now the team is the best in the past few seasons, no one else who just focus on his own, no one else concern & unhappy you are starting or on the bench, the team spirit is the best ever. Then the reportee asked Ole who is the one he mentioned???? Is is Rudd??? Ole just smile and no reply!