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  • One of the major disappointments of last season was the way utd played - 5 in midfield and 1 up front. Almost as if they had brought in to the mantra that said the only way to match chelsea was to play like them. The great thing about this season is that utd have rediscovered their style and are playing the way that all great utd teams have played that is 2 upfront, wingers and the fullbacks pushing forward. Its this style that has brought utd success in the past and yes it brings with it the odd upset but it also brings with it edge of the seat moments, goals and goal mouth incidents, great saves (by keepers on both sides)and bags of entertainment.

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    • thats the main key is great wingers look at the premership winners of the past if you have no width you won't get anywhere. Now ronny has found his feet and with what happend at Germany with england will make him work harder we have the key to the league coming back home where it belongs.

    • right on devon. things have changed a lot since last season. obviously the bigggest tangible differnce is Ruud leaving but the whole attitude of the team has changed. everyone is looking to go forward and get into the attacking play, whereas before we used to have fixed targets, like just get the ball to Ruud and let him do his part (he is obvioulsy one of the best at it), but now everyone is looking to chip in with the goals and also doing their part in defending. all in all, we are playing the way united is suppose to play. we may not have names of ballack and shevchenko or makalele in our teamsheat, but our perfomance, as a team, is the envy of the rest of the premiership.