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  • Mourinho - seems its all the refs fault.

    The only thing Poll got wrong today was in giving Terry a 2nd yellow, it should have been a straight red.

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    • You're right. The FA itself is a joke, and I suppose if a referee admits that he has made a mistake with a sending off decision or penalty, then people would question the FA's ability to appoint decent referees. The way i see it though, is that people do question the FA's ability to appoint officials capable of refereeing games without making a spectacle of themselves all the time, like Poll, Rennie, Riley, Styles.

    • I'm glad you're making references to Terry's behaviour throughout the match and Lampard's "tackle" on Chimbonda. I think Terry got sent off for repeated fouling and dissenting, having already been booked.

      But i do agree with Mourinho on one thing - that refs should be made to explain their decisions, otherwise it leaves everyone scratching their heads and complaining. It shouldn't be a case of, "well, the ref made 3 wrong decision, in my view but, hey, that's football."

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      • I wonder why John Terry can REFUSE go back to the tunnel.. I thought RULES SAY MUST GO BACK STRAIGHT TO THE DRESSING ROOM. Maybe John Terry think HE IS ENGLAND CAPTAIN AND CHELSEA CAPTAIN.. ARROGANT B*%$#. Refs shouldnt explain to the public for their decison on the pitch. Cause it will put their life in danger. People make mistake and Ref also human. What IF REF admit he make mistake and cause some BIG BOOKIE to lose money, then THIS REF SURE WILL be KILL... Sometime ref decision help CHELSEA to win matches last season. But JOSE didnt complaint anything. THIS season REF decision go against chelsea and he question ALOT. ANOTHER ARROGANT B%%$#$.

    • He also failed to show Lampard a yellow for that ugly tackle in first half.

    • yup..terry is just being very arrogant..he thinks he's the chelsea captain and england captain..the way the confronted the reff and the way he tackles..just out of class..rio and vidic is definately better..terry is just average..

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      • I don't comment the comparison between Rio, Vidic and him.

        I do 200% agree with you John Terry is disgraceful, what he performed was absolutely worse and hateful particular the way he confronted the reff and ignore the rule keep staying at the bench.

        How can this guy as England Captain??? certainly no hope England! he is a worse example leading the young player follow him to do in that way, he is not 20 years old, he is not Rooney.

        Nowaday, Rooney know to control his temper and follow the rule, he is now 21; but John Terry 26, 27 as a man did not bahave himself well!