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    Do we need the Carling Cup?

    First of all a well-deserved congratulations to The Shrimpers for an outstanding performance against ManU. It really is good to see that there are instances when underdogs can triumph and where the gap between the big-money top flight and lower leagues is lessened.

    However, this is a question that seems to rear its head every season. What's the point of the League Cup? Does it not just water down the FA Cup? It confuses many of the English league's foreign fans and adds a lot of pressure to teams with an already jam-packed fixtures list.

    Top flight teams either field their reserves or risk injuries to their top players for a trophy that really doesn't offer anything apart from a shiny trophy.

    Now, don't get me wrong, it is great for lower league teams. I just don't think we should be forcing Premiership sides to compete unless there was something to gain from it like a UEFA place. Attendances are also always pitiful so there's evidence to suggest that the fans themselves are not too keen.

    Why not reserve the League Cup for lower-league sides? What do you all think?

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    • without the PL teams in the competition where would the lower clubs get the added revenue from?If southend had of drawn they would have had a million pound payday at Old Trafford.I think that is the reason the FA want to include the top flight(?) teams.

    • no we do not need the carling cup I agree with you there are too many games and yes it would be a good idea to have it for the lower leauge teams I have been saying this for years,

    • I find this funny. Everytime a big named team gets knocked out of a cup, the bulletin boards are suddenly inundated with this question. The best team won on the night get over it people.

    • The answer doesn't need an Einstein. The latter stages attract big crowds particularly with Europe as a reward.
      Its a good competition and the only people who denegrate it are the usual media pundits. They are the ones who claim "This question keeps raising its head". Nonsense. The Carling Cup is well worth keeping. The only teams that suffer from overcrowded fixtures are those who make the most money.

    • Yea I think you are a man u fan we might as well knock the euro cup on the head as well because we have got the world cup i think i could play a couple of games a week for 100k
      It was like winning the world cup for me last night watching man u getting knocked out ha ha ha i suppose his tea set is not in one piece now. chelsea for the treble

    • I've always thought that the carling cup would be a much better competition if there was the added incentive of a uefa cup place. far fetched, sure, but imagine the shrimpers lifting the cup knowing that next season they'll be in europe??!!??!!

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      • There already is, remember Middlesborough. I think they have got it right with the Carling Cup. Teams who have qualified for Europe don't come in till the later stages. It gives the lesser prem teams like everton something to do midweek.
        The big clubs use it for squad rotation proving in most cases there reservesw are better than most peoples first team, thenget serious in the later rounds and the small clubs make money. Keep it.
        The FA Cup was devalued when Utd declined to enter it, what next Clubs not playing in the prem so they can concentrate on the champions league !

    • I think the League Cup should stay, It gives smaller lower league clubs invaluable income, When drawn against Premier League Clubs, that can mean the difference between a comfortable season with no financial worries and having to sell their best players at the end of a season to make ends meet.

    • I still think it is worth having both for the smaller clubs and the bigger clubs. Bigger clubs like it when they win it - see Man Utd last year - their only trophy! Also the crowded fixture list is compounded by unnecesary international friendlies, who noone seems to care about and foreign moneymaking pre-season tours by the big clubs who are always first to complain about overcrowded fixtures!

    • With the Champions League set to made smaller and the Premiership only set to have three entrants - would it not be easier and better in some respects to have a Champions League place up for grabs? At least then all the entrants can claim they have won something, clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal may be big - but why should they enter a competition orginally designed for league champions only - that has only got so big becuase of money hungry clubs and tv channels.....

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      • What a stupid idea, why not give a spot to the fa cup as well?!?!? You could then end up with the likes of millwall, wigan or west ham in the champions league.

        The champions league is for THE best teams in europe, which would be the top teams in the premiership. Any team can string together a couple of good results end up with some easy draws and get to the final of a cup. The bin dippers proved this by winning 3 cups in one season........

    • Of course we do - just to see teams like Man U get knocked out by underdogs like Southend, great!

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