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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 8, 2006 18:04 Flag

    Do we need the Carling Cup?

    To All Utd fans

    Yes, yesterday night was very disappointed and embarassed, but I don't think Reds performed worse, the defeat including the following resasons- Southern goal keeper performed extremely well and creat a miracle, I don't think he performed his normal, it's something strange, his savings could be compared with premiership big name goalkeeper, STRANGE STRANGE STRANGE!!!

    - Southern goal scorer is another miracle, I don't think he can score the same once again.

    - Reds should won at least 6-1, Ronaldo should get a hat trick, he played very well, he was the best player in Reds yeserday night, but Ronaldo's effort were denied by the miracle on Southern goalkeeper. And O'shea shot was another good one, once denied by the miracle.

    - Luck chose the opponent, Southern, though I still think Reds should win on their performances last night. I have no complaint on this. Last time, luck chose Reds as Crewe was much more deserved to win.

    Actually, Reds should lose the qualification on the match against Crewe!

    Finally, the result still no harm to Reds, as the depth of current squad certainly incapable to cope with multiline battle, slipped down at Craling Cup is better than other important leagues.

    Reds could focus on the rest of leagues and fight for the win on Premiership league, Champion League and FA Cup.

    The key players particularly starting XI could have a rest while rivals are going to involve in Carling Cup.

    This is the edge for Reds as the bigger trophy Champion League and Premiership are their first priority.

    Cheer up all Reds fans and move on.

    Important never lose confidence on Manu Utd and always give full supports to Reds.Good luck and great win for Reds on coming match against Blackburn.