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  • james c james c Nov 9, 2006 19:23 Flag

    owen hargreaves

    would he be the key to united success

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    • Signing Hargreaves would create another option but someone from the current midfield will have to drop out to allow him to play and that will reduce our attacking options with the craft and guile of Scholes and the passing of Carrick.Im not sure we need an out and out defensive midfielder in all games though one may be ok against the better sides.This is something the manager will i am sure have thought about and will have his views on what to do.

    • We don't need someone 'better' than Saha. but someine who offers the same sort of aerial strength and mobility. The guy who leads PSV attack, or some guys playing in France. They don't have to be 'world stars' , but better than what we have now in blending the attack together. £10m should be enough for a decent guy. The only reason for spending £25m on Torres is if Fergie believes Rooney will replace Scholes.

    • silves and richardson is definatly out for me..if we dun get nani..try and get robben or joe cole or aaron lennon..we'll hav o'shea, brown and heinze as our cover..tat'll be good enough...let pique, evans and lee martin loan for another season...loan smith out..take back rossi and dong fang zhuo...and wif adu comin to train wif us...we hav a good mixture of young and veteran squad..as for striker..i think torres will come to united or huntelaar..but personally..if u're lookin for saha type striker..for now..i think only drogba and torres are better than him..

    • The starting XI looks awesome and efficient except Torres, I am not saying he is no good, but I do wonder will he join Chelsea????

      I have no confidence the bid on him.

    • Van Der Sar
      Defence: Neville Rio Vidic Evra/Heinze

      Defensive Midfield: Hargreaves/Carrick

      Wingers: Ronaldo/Park Giggs/Nani

      Attacking Midfield: S choles/Rooney/Carrick

      Forwards: Saha Huntelaar/Torres

      Maybe we should get Defoe, instead of Torres.
      Jol doesnt seem to want him. but, having lost Carrick to us, would he send JD over?

    • Van Der Sar
      Neville Rio Vidic Evra/Heinze


      Ronaldo/Park Giggs/Nani


      Saha Huntelaar/Torres

      Maybe we should get Defoe, instead of Torres.
      Jol doesnt seem to want him. but, having lost Carrick to us, would he send JD over?

    • totally agree with u! richardson out! he should have stayed with WBA, and maybe they wouldn't have gotten relegated and maybe Captain Marvel (Bryan Robson) wouldn't have stopped. I think Rossi is proving himself. and i'm looking forward to see pique play too. richardson definitely has to go. o' shea, silves, and brown, should stay as cover.

    • i am appalled by those who are already calling for smudger's head! u should be ashamed of urselves! many of you here were quite vocal, and rightly so, in defening rooney when he was returning to form after his injury and suspensions, and i think we should be consistent with smudger also. obvioulsy hez not of the same category to rooney but he is fully committed to united's cause and having returned (at an amazing pace!) from the horrific injury, we should give him the time he needs to get back to his form. alhtough i agree with many here who point out that he may not fit our style of play and that he's not compatible with saha's pace...well i agree with all of that, but the thing is, having a diversified squad isnt bad is it? woudl it really harm us to keep smudger? i stronly belive he will provide us with good service, in his own way...if u expect him to be as fast as saha, or as exciting as rooney, then well ur not doing justice to him. hez got the right attitude and the commitment and i think fergie values that and he will stick with him, atleast in the near future.

      regarding hargraeves, yes, he is definately needed. carrick is scholes long term successor and for now, if we get owen, he will replace carrick and make that position his won, and carrick will play in scholes position when fergie thinks ninja needs rest, and eventualy he'll take that position when he scholesy retires. also, it be great if we get nani and huntelaar in the summer. and if nani comes, then i think that will be the end of richardson.

    • yes i agree carrick has added a new dimension to united's play,thats why i wouldnt drop him

    • why? he has added another dimension to our game. remember rooney's first goal against bolton? that pass. the last time i remember someone give a pass like that, was becks. this is my view. wats urs? cheers!

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