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    Gary Neville

    is anyone worried about our captain at the minute. Now im not saying anything bad because since he took over he has performed superbly. However you look at the team from VDS right up to louis there is competition for places which in my opinon is why we are flying this season. Except right back and im just worried he may become complacient. Anyone any toughts

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    • Guys and our very well informed and educated ladies (especially in this thread),

      Remember last year when Nev was injured for some time? Bardesley came in a played very well, both in the EPL and a couple of times in the different paced CL. He seems stronge in the challenge, quick, calm and compossed and as I remember, his passing/crossing/support play was okay.

      I think he is a definite for the future right back spot. It will be good to see hime back from Rangers (along with Martin - another bright prospect).

    • He is playing as well as ever. Against Pompey he was brilliant. His calf injury is troubling him though. He should sort it once and for all before coming back into the 1st team. Brown can stand in until he returns.
      GARY NEVILLE IS A RED HE HATES S?O?S?R? (Anyone know who?)
      All together now.

    • Complacent and Gary Neville are not words i would put together.. he has so much passion and pride for our team, hes been with the club long enough to know that no one is guaranteed a cement place in the team.

    • Of all the players in the team, I personally think Neville is the last who would ever get complacent! Dont worry about anything like that from him!

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      • Judging from his performance and attitude in the portsmouth match I don`t think the word `complacent` appears in Neville`s dictionary. One worry though is he seems to be plagued by a persistent hip injury (which he picked up in the world cup). There is cover in the current utd squad (Brown & O`Shea) but in the long term Danny Simpson seems a good bet, along with possibly Phil Bardsley. If Neville`s hip continues to be a problem I wouldn`t be surprised to see either Simpson or Bardsley recalled from their loan clubs in January, in fact I think Bardsley is due to return anyway.

    • I think that's partly the reason Fergie made him captain when Keane left, You want a captain who's always going to be in the side when available.

      I don't think complacency will be an issue with Neville, he's been first choice at right back for over 10 yrs now and has anyone ever seen him not give his all for the team? He's a utd fan as well as a player and I have no worries about him in that respect.

      The worrying thing is that he's getting on a bit now and we don't seem to have anyone ready made to replace him, Bardsley looks good and some time in the SPL will toughen him up for sure but he's hardly setting the place alight.