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    Girls & football ... should they mix?

    Back in the 60's, 70's and even 80's football was strictly for men. no girls. it seems to be a growing trend these days that more and more girls are claiming to "know" football and even attend matches.

    There is some ridiculous statistic showing the amount of women that go through the turnstiles.

    Somethings not quite right here, football seem so much better before when you knew that stadiums and the pubs around the grounds would just be full of men.


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    • o dear did someone run out of fingers and toes to count with ??? or is he becoming a statistician for whitehall???

    • But seriously folks.... heres an interessting thought. In football women are not allowed to play the pro game with men, but women officials are allowed.

      In golf, women are allowed to play with the men but officials on the mens tours are all men.

      In tennis wimbledon pays its mens and womens singles champions differing amounts but allows both men and women umpires and pays them the same. ( although it segregates men umpires to male games but does allow male umpires to umpire female matches)

      In some sports women currently find it difficult to compete directly with guys.. football, rugby, hockey... in others where there is no reason for not having a merger of the sexes it has not happened... curling, bowls, darts, snooker.

      One final thought... god knows what percentage of fan revenue women currently make up but its significant and rising... many clubs would find it difficult to survive without the lady supporters so I think everyone perhaps needs to get used to it.

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      • August and May are fine months for those with an eagle eye for the fairer sex where I sit. Shame one of the nicer ones has just succumbed to having a child, but there a few other tasty moursels.

        I have a radical suggestion. I propose a change to ticket prices and allocations. For attractive young women prepared to dress in appropriate wear I suggest free entry to Old Trafford - my suggestion is that the triplets pilot in specific blocks N1409 and N2409.

        If you think about it, it makes great sense. Women tend to buy more merchandise and attractive women will attract more men to want to come to OT. A ground brimming full of attractive women would be the envy of the footballing world. And the Refs assistances/Liners wouldn't get any grief at all

    • Well you obviously don't know hardly any girls that play football.
      I play for a boys under 15 team and i play better than all of them put together so you have no right to say that.
      I think your just being sexist and probably will never be able to except the fact that some girls play better football than boys.

    • chuckle chuckle, if you ask me it's all just a wind up and the bait seems to have been taken.
      On a serious front, bird watching at Old Trafford from my perch in N2409 is part of the enjoyment, there's two or three very attractive female species located within a few feet of me and matchday wouldn't be the same without them there. If anything should be banned, it's ugly women, and once that's in place, mandate all girls/women wear a short skirt, skimpy top (or maybe none at all) and stillettos.

    • Its what life is all about, if you add drink !!!
      Women, Football and alcohol, unbeatable combination.
      Much better than Drugs and Rock and Roll !!.

      All joking aside, you can't beat a woman who knows about football.
      For untold years men have banged on about women being from a different planet and not being able to understand them etc etc etc.

      How can anyone question that it is a good thing for women to know and be able to discuss football on a proper level.

      I love the fact that my wife knows about and can discuss football.

      So if this was a serious question, my answer would be YES, definitely.

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      • What a thought provoking thread girls and football should they mix. Of course they should the guys watch the football and the girls mix the drinks JUST KIDDING Mel and Hiya.
        Wow 3 weeks of summer in Canada eh guess that moron never took Geography 101. My igloo is standing up quite nicely to the plus 30 C temps in summer. It is a bit hard on the sled dogs though got to keep them hydrated and the blubber we chew on can smell a bit.
        Look we all know when a lady speaks we should listen.

    • give me 10 reasons why you think we dont mix

    • No they shouldn't mix. Women may claim to enjoy the game but when it comes down to discussing tactics or the offside rule etc they're absolutely hopeless. I've noticed cdnblonde19's usual threads, replies etc are to make obvious, mainstream comments without having an opinion which may differ greatly to others. She obviously wants to be liked but in doing so is showing her lack of knowledge painfully. Back to the kitchen for you love.

    • you are talkig through your hat I knew more than one girl who stood in the stretford end went to quite a few away matches. As for women officiating have no problem with that as long as they are fit enough for the job maybe then we would have better behaviour of the players. may have trouble with them wiping little boys tears for them though

    • Women's Football is the fastest growing sport in the USA and it's getting pretty big here in England too! There is no reason why women can't play football.

      However it will never be taken that seriously due to the fact that it is far inferior to the man's game. You watch a womens team play, even an international team, and think that your average Men's conference team like Dagenham & Redbridge would trounce them by the odd goal or 10.

      As for Newall on Female Referee's... He should be disgusted by his comments. It does not matter what sex, race, religion etc you are, you pick the most able person for the job. She has obviously worked hard to get to where she is and does not need some sore loser manager having a go at her decisions just because she is a girl. Graham Poll is supposedly the countries top ref but he has come in for some stick for some decisions he has made.

      C'mon FA hand him a big fine and put some sanctions on him!

    • This Cdn girl is confused - she's from polar bear country, where in the 3 week summer they get together and throw a pumpkin object about and call that football.
      I bet she thinks Old Trafford is a skating rink

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      • Before you start with your crap on Canada, let me point out there is more than three weeks of summer in Canada and where I am, it is among the warmnest areas of Canada during the summer and I bet you don't know where The Maple Leafs plays or the Montreal Canadiens plays? I bet you don't even know where Old Trafford, Emirates Stadium Bridge or Anfield are on the map!! - I wouldn't even ask you or any respecting memeber of the boards since you guys don't even bother!

        I will not rely on any man to tell me who I should cheer for!! I have my mind and I'm quite pleased with that. I can find most places on my own.

      • i cant believe that people still have these opinions in 2006.Women know,or women who like football,as much and in a lot of cases a damn sight more than men about football.Women are spontanious,and after reading some of the posts in this thread,thank god for that

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