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  • keyword keyword Nov 17, 2006 18:59 Flag

    DumB cndBLONDE

    These Yahoo message boards offer a free service for people to express opinions and views(hopefully about football and on MUFC page its should be about Britain's top football club and 1 of the top 3 clubs in the world(not just a view - they are facts)

    Unfortunately a handful of people have taken the boards purpose as some kind of emotional crutch - to either gain attention/status for themselves or use the space as means of emotional release.

    They put themselves up to be shot at by making outrageous statements and follow it up with dismissive abuse of anyone who cares to differ -- they then dare to claim victim status for themselves or bring irrelevant personal issues into it(like overweight family members)in an attempt to get a bit of sympathy.
    A few people fall for the garbage and it and it becomes a small backslapping patronising circles of posts from fellow neurotics.
    Manchester United is not in such desperate need for this kind of affection nor the need for anyone riding on the back of its good name.
    It doesn't seem to happen on other boards --- and there is place for these people to let off their steam -- an its in tabloid agony aunt columns but not sports message boards